Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

Waste my time!!


Mohd. Jafar
Nigeria Dec 23 2022

I feel scammed with no deposit bonus. I get bonus $50 and made profit a $400. So I began to withdraw, but after that they sent me email and I reachout to livechat. They said I just broke the rules of trading in terms of using deposit bonus. Why you dont explain it well in beginning? If you explain and EDUCATE ME AS TRADER with good EXPLANATION. I WILL NOT COMPLAINT and WASTING my time! Poor EDUCATION XM, so Poor!

Jeremy Juan
Australia Jan 25 2024

@Mohd. Jafar: Absolutely, the scenarios you've described are quite common. I recommend revisiting the terms and conditions related to the bonus. As they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch, especially when it comes to no deposit bonuses. Generally, based on my knowledge of no deposit bonuses, you typically need to achieve a certain trading volume before being eligible for withdrawal. I came across the terms and conditions for XM's no deposit bonus on their website. Initially, it's crucial to understand that you're required to trade a minimum of 10 micro lots and complete at least 5 round turns. Additionally, the withdrawal process occurs in stages – for instance, only 40% of the $100 may be available for withdrawal. It's essential to note that you must close all your trades before initiating the withdrawal. I strongly recommend thoroughly reading the bonus terms and conditions before diving into trading!

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Maximo Welker
Sep 11 2022
I am so furious right now! I don't understand why... More

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