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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

29 12 4
Jan 31 2023

Best broker in my short trading experience. I trade on forex for one year and during the first few months changed two brokers, because of poor execution and permanent freezes. Roboforex does not have such problems, the platform works stable. I also like the client service it is very professional.

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Hari Kodrat
Account Number: (12xxx)
Jan 31 2023

Good broker..this broker legit and recommended to use

Dani Alves
Jan 16 2023

"IC Markets is an online forex and CFD broker based in Sydney, Australia. The company offers traders access to a wide range of financial markets, including foreign exchange (FX), indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. IC Markets is probably the best Forex broker. TradeEU also refers to a good broker because It allows companies to connect with each other, negotiate prices and arrange international delivery. The platform also provides detailed information about local regulations and taxes for importing and exporting within the EU.

56 28 17
Palmer Vickery
Jan 12 2023

I have been using Exness for quite a long time, and I must say I am amazed at how good they keep their quality. Deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and their mt5 terminal too. it's all good so far. I wouldn't pretend that they are the 'perfect' broker tho, after all, there are several issues that I notice. But, the only issue that really bothers me is that I keep having an interruption in the connectivity. But this is maybe have something to do with internet connections as well.

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Account Number: (24587xxx)
May 18 2022

OANDA is the best broker I've ever know.

45 76 35
Nov 19 2022

بعد اشتراكى فى حساب (level up) وتدول 20 يوم فتحت فيهم 500 عملية بمقدار 0.01 لكل صفقة وكانت هذة شروط البونص حصلت على ملغ 382 دولار من اصل 140 ووصلتنى رسال تهنئة من الشركة لاتمام كل شروط البونص والان تم رفض الحساب ودون ابداء اسباب مرفق الصور

39 32 14
Dec 23 2022
XM's fees and spreads are low, but some products are still high. When trading EUR/USD, Europe CFDs, and S&P 500 CFDs, we can see spreads as low as 0, with the exception of the European 50 CFDs during peak trading, which is a spread of 2.6 points. However, the S&P 500 CFD only charges 0.7 pips during peak trading hours. Recommended? For me, if you trade some instruments there. And remember, you need to find good instrument that suitable for you.
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Hari Kodrat
Jan 31 2023

This is nice broker..very easy to use this broker,deposit,withdrawal and trading still fast and good.



21 2 4
Devarajah Selvarajah
Jan 30 2023

iv been using Fullerton Markets for the past 2 years, easy to use and provided me with training on how to trade and never had problems with the withdrawals.

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Account Number: (36906xxx)
Jan 30 2023

Akaun trading yang terbaik. Selamat untuk trading dengan broker ini kerana broker ini mempunyai pelesenan dan peraturan yang betul.