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Lowest Swap Forex Brokers For EUR/USD


In forex trading, there are many types of fees that traders have to pay for brokers. Besides spread, traders should also pay for the swap. It is a commission, or an overnight interest charged by the broker to extend the position for the next trading day. A swap reflects the difference in interest rates between the two trading currencies. Moreover, a swap can be positive or negative depending on the difference of the interest rates between the two currencies and your order (buy/sell).

If you are a long-term trader or aim to be one, swap fees are important. Thus, you may need to choose forex brokers with the lowest swap because it can reduce transaction costs for you. If you trade on EUR/USD, these lowest swap forex brokers can be helpful.

Feb 29 2024

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Additional FAQ

The GBP/USD is often recognized as having a positive correlation with the EUR/USD pair. Here's a chart that shows the positive dynamic between GBP/USD and EUR/USD on a daily chart:

GBP/USD correlation with EUR/USD

Many traders use this correlation to hedge both pairs. The strategy involves opening positions in GBP/USD and EUR/USD at the same time. If the hedging strategy is applied to offset the losses, traders tend to trade GBP/USD and EUR/USD oppositely. But, if the hedging's purpose is to optimize the potential profit, traders would trade GBP/USD and EUR/USD in the same direction.

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The monetary policy divergence between the Eurozone and the US. As such, fundamental factors with the most significant influence on the exchange rate of EUR/USD throughout history are:

  1. Monetary policy from each central bank (The Fed and ECB).
  2. Economic fundamentals of the US and the Eurozone.

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  • The EUR/USD can be used as a measure of how strong the US Dollar in the current market. The more accurate measure is the Dollar index, but EUR/USD can also be used for a similar purpose.
  • The EUR/USD is often recognized as having a negative correlation with the USD/CHF pair since it is often perceived as high risk and highly sought after during periods of risk appetite. Meanwhile, the CHF is a safe haven currency that is sought after in times of risk avoidance.

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This policy difference between the two central banks is based on the way they implement monetary policy. The Fed has a dual mandate, which is to stabilize prices and increase job creation, while the ECB only has one goal, which is price stability.

In addition, the Euro also carries the burden of the debt crisis of some of its member countries. This arises from the uniform monetary policy nature of the common currency in the member countries. The fact is, uniform actions for different countries with special needs are not a good idea. Such a fundamental problem has led some parties to question the future of the Euro as a single currency.

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