Trading Insights

What is Currenex in Forex Trading?

Oct 14 2021    

Currenex is mostly known for its deep pools of liquidity and advanced technology. What are the benefits and downsides of using the service?

What are the Best Day Trading Books of All Time?

Oct 14 2021    

Reading the best day trading books can prepare you to dive into the world of short-term trading. These are some recommendations to help you get started.

Top 10 Books to Train Your Trading Psychology

Oct 12 2021    

In order to make good trading decisions, it's important to control your emotions while trading. Here are the 10 best books to improve your trading psychology.

Trading Loss: How to Prevent It in 5 Ways

Aug 6 2021    

The longer we can stay in trading, the better our chances to increase the profit. One of the most effective methods to do so is to prevent greater loss.

MT4 vs MT5 Execution: Types of Pending Orders

Jul 27 2021    

MT4 is known for its various pending order types, but what about MT5? Between the two platforms, which one has the best option of pending orders?



7 Surprising Things about Successful Forex Traders

Jun 23 2021    

Have you ever wondered what makes a trader successful when most traders end up losing money? Turns out there are surprising things you need to learn about successful forex traders.

Does Forex Holy Grail Exist? Here are the Facts

May 27 2021    

Many traders have devoted their time, money, and energy to find the ultimate holy grail in forex trading. Why is it considered important and why it's better for you to look for something else?

Top 5 Must-Watch Financial Movies

May 6 2021    

If you are not a big reader, consider watching a few great financial movies or documentaries. Sitting on your couch and watching these movies on your laptop will inspire and help you learn the financial market with interesting conflicts and storylines.

Looking for Major Banks FX Positions? This Premium Tool Will Help You

Feb 28 2021    

We could obtain information about major banks' FX positions through the convenience of our living room by visiting this browser-based FX newsfeed.

What is High Volatility and How to Profit from It?

Feb 16 2021    

Trading in a volatile market is risky, but there are five key tips to make profitable trades despite being in a high volatility environment.