Trading Insights

Is Copy Trading Really Worth It? Let's Expose the Facts

Mar 22 2021    

Many traders like to use copy trading because of its simplicity. But is it really worth trying? Here are some facts to answer the question.

Can I Make Money with Copy Trading?

Mar 16 2021    

Copy trading is one of the most popular trading strategies for novice traders. But apart from being simple and quick, how profitable is copy trading?

Smart Tips on Maximizing eToro's Diverse Markets

Mar 11 2021    

Being one of the best social trading platforms in the industry, eToro offers various instruments from different markets to choose from. Find out how to optimize the diverse market for your profit.

Looking for Major Banks FX Positions? This Premium Tool Will Help You

Feb 28 2021    

We could obtain information about major banks' FX positions through the convenience of our living room by visiting this browser-based FX newsfeed.

What is High Volatility and How to Profit from It?

Feb 16 2021    

Trading in a volatile market is risky, but there are five key tips to make profitable trades despite being in a high volatility environment.





The Story Behind Tax Haven Countries for Forex Trading

Jan 25 2021    

Tax is a compulsory financial charge in any business, including forex trading. However, in tax haven countries, trading profits can be tax-free.

Is cTrader Better Than MT4? Here are 4 Things to Consider

Jan 20 2021    

MT4 is commonly known as the go-to platform when it comes to forex trading. But cTrader comes quite close to challenge that notion. MT4 vs cTrader, how to find out the best one?

The Problems of Forex Trading with VPN

Jan 14 2021    

In certain areas, many traders use VPN to access blocked websites of forex brokers. Is it safe? What are the risks of forex trading with VPN?

How to Write a Trading Journal for Carry Trades

Dec 30 2020    

Using a trading journal is essential for every trader no matter what strategy they rely on. If you are implementing carry trade strategy, here is an important guide for creating the trading journal.

6 Things You Should Know About eToro Social Trading

Oct 28 2020    

eToro social trading is the pioneer of copy trading system that allows traders to learn directly from other experienced traders with high transparency and other advantages that you should know.