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Before going to trade forex, the first important thing to do is finding a right forex broker, a firm providing online trading forex for retail traders. There are lot of forex brokers from all over the world with their prons and cons in trading conditions and other categories. Therefore, traders should be selective before choosing their ideal one.

Then, what should be considered before choosing a broker? First, make sure that it has a legit regulation and valid identity. Besides, communicative Customer Support and convenient broker facilities might be included as additional considerations. Every trader's standard for those parameters can be different from each other.

If you are looking for forex brokers, this site will help you in choosing the most suitable for you. We provide many types of brokers and the filter feature to ease your research in finding your most ideal broker according to its regulation, features, deposit and withdrawal methods, trading platforms, and other categories.

The brokers below have been listed according to some consideration upon aforementioned criterias. Feel free to read our forex broker reviews, and do leave a review should you have an important experience from forex brokers that you need to share. Thank you!