Technical Analysis

4 Keys of Becoming a Successful Price Action Trader

Jul 19 2021    

Price action trading has been of great interest and preferred by many traders. But mastering it will not be an easy feat if you haven't properly learned these tips.

7 Most Reliable Price Patterns Ranked

Jun 23 2021    

Among all chart patterns out there, here are the patterns that really matter. They have been statistically proven to perform the best and thus deserve to be labeled as the most reliable price patterns.

5 Most Important Candlestick Patterns for High Profits

May 29 2021    

Candlestick patterns are quite popular in forex trading, but not many people actually know which patterns are the most valuable. Read further to find out.

How to Master Price Action Trading with Candlesticks

May 20 2021    

Memorizing hundreds of candlestick patterns can be a hustle for any trader. Is there a better way of understanding price action? Find out the answer in this article.

How to Know When a Trend is Ending

Apr 23 2021    

Identifying the end of a trend is crucial not only to close a position but also to possibly open a new position. From using price action to indicator signals, here are several ways to know when a trend is ending.



Trend Continuation Patterns and How to Trade Them

Apr 13 2021    

Understanding trend continuation patterns can help you improve your skills in forex trading. So how do we identify them and use them to look for trading opportunities?

How to Combine Forex Indicators Like A Pro

Mar 30 2021    

Trading with one technical indicator is okay, but trading with a combination of indicators is better. The question is, how to combine forex indicators the right way?

The Ultimate 3 EMA Crossover Strategy Revealed

Mar 24 2021    

The 3 EMA crossover strategy is a trend trading strategy that utilizes three EMA indicators with different time periods. How reliable are the signals?

The Best Moving Average for 15-Minute Chart

Mar 5 2021    

The Moving Average is one of the simplest yet powerful tools to trade. Read further to find out which Moving Average is best used for a 15-minute chart.

The Most Powerful Candlestick Patterns You Should Trade

Feb 25 2021    

Not all candlestick patterns are as accurate and reliable as they used to. Here are the five most powerful candlestick patterns to trade with.