Technical Analysis

Trend Continuation Patterns and How to Trade Them

Apr 13 2021    

Understanding trend continuation patterns can help you improve your skills in forex trading. So how do we identify them and use them to look for trading opportunities?

How to Combine Forex Indicators Like A Pro

Mar 30 2021    

Trading with one technical indicator is okay, but trading with a combination of indicators is better. The question is, how to combine forex indicators the right way?

The Ultimate 3 EMA Crossover Strategy Revealed

Mar 24 2021    

The 3 EMA crossover strategy is a trend trading strategy that utilizes three EMA indicators with different time periods. How reliable are the signals?

The Best Moving Average for 15-Minute Chart

Mar 5 2021    

The Moving Average is one of the simplest yet powerful tools to trade. Read further to find out which Moving Average is best used for a 15-minute chart.

The Most Powerful Candlestick Patterns You Should Trade

Feb 25 2021    

Not all candlestick patterns are as accurate and reliable as they used to. Here are the five most powerful candlestick patterns to trade with.





Support and Resistance Levels: The Complete Guide

Feb 17 2021    

Support and resistance levels are commonly used concepts in forex trading. What is the easiest way to find them? Are there any special tips to make sure of the reliability?

Golden Cross and Death Cross in Forex Trading

Dec 17 2020    

When you read forex analysis, you might come across sentences such as "the chart is quite positive with Goldern Cross" or "the price is still in bullish, but you must be aware of the Death Cross". What is the Golden Cross and the Death Cross? Are they important?

Leading Vs Lagging Indicators, Which is Best for You?

Dec 16 2020    

Leading indicators are not always better than lagging indicators and vice versa. Why is that so? How to determine which type of indicator is the best one for you?

Overbought and Oversold in Forex Trading

Nov 27 2020    

A lot of new traders think that forex trading is all about buying low and selling high. While this is true, traders need to consider other factors such as overbought and oversold.

3 Uses of SMA for Day Trading

Nov 23 2020    

As simple as its sound, there is a lot to learn when it comes to maximizing a powerful tool like the Simple Moving Average (SMA). Come find some takeaways here if you're an aspiring day trader.