Technical Analysis

Forex Technical Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners Aug 10 2020    
Forex technical analysis has certain characteristics and benefits that make it as important as other types of analysis in forex trading. If you are a beginner, here is the complete guide of technical analysis.
Basic Principles of Technical Analysis Jan 10 2014    
Analyzing the patterns of price movement is important to gain insight into which trade you should enter to earn profits. However, trying it without first understanding the basic principles of technical analysis would be worthless.
7 Myths of Technical Analysis Oct 23 2020    
Many traders rely on technical analysis. But is it still as effective as how it used to be? Let's find out the answer below.
Support and Resistance Levels: The Complete Guide Feb 17 2021    
Support and resistance levels are commonly used concepts in forex trading. What is the easiest way to find them? Are there any special tips to make sure of the reliability?
Overbought and Oversold in Forex Trading Nov 27 2020    
A lot of new traders think that forex trading is all about buying low and selling high. While this is true, traders need to consider other factors such as overbought and oversold.
Leading Vs Lagging Indicators in Forex Trading Dec 16 2020    
Leading indicators are not always better than lagging indicators and vice versa. Why is that so? How to determine which type of indicator is the best one for you?
Overcome The Odds Of Forex Trading Part 3 Dec 15 2014    
After Mind and Money, the third pillar of success in forex trading is Method which stands for trading strategy used by traders. Although there is no 100% accuracy trading strategy, there are several strategies with high enough accuracy that allows you to generate profit in the Forex market.
All You Need to Know about Channel Pattern Oct 25 2023    
Channels are one of the trading tools commonly used by traders. Besides detecting support and resistance, channels can also be used to enter and exit positions. How so?
Top 5 Trend Indicators You Should Know Sep 27 2023    
Apart from the common Moving Average, there are other 4 technical indicators you could rely on in trend trading. What are they?
Triple Bottom Pattern in Trading Explained Sep 26 2023    
The triple bottom pattern claimed an accuracy rate of more than 70%. It happens at the end of the downtrend and signs a bullish reversal.

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