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Automated Trading


Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex Autotrading

Mar 12 2015   1509  
Automated trading (Autotrading) consists of a string of algorithms that enable trade executions based on pre-programmed instructions. Are you looking to try out forex autotrading? this article will point out advantages and disadvantages of forex autotrading for you.

Automated Trading with cAlgo, Should You Consider It?

Apr 18 2022    
Using cAlgo automatic trading is a great way of winning trades without breaking a sweat for cTrader users. What useful features are available here?

AI Trading Bots to Revolutionize Your Trades

May 11 2023    
Artificial Intelligence has proven to offer some benefits even in forex trading. Which forex AI trading bots can help you revolutionize your forex strategies?

All You Need to Know about Myfxbook Autotrade

Jan 13 2022    
Myfxbook Autotrade has a lot of benefits for both professional traders and beginners. You can copy trading systems or become a provider yourself.

How to Use VPS for Forex Trading

Dec 27 2021    
VPS is an attractive tool especially for EA or robot trading users. Here's a complete guide on how to use VPS for forex trading.

The Beginner's Guide to VPS for Forex Trading

Sep 8 2020   2425  
What is VPS? How can it be beneficial for forex trading? Why is it necessary? How to apply VPS? Let's learn the answers to those questions in this article.

Make Money With Expert Advisor: This Is How You Do It

Apr 20 2017    
Are you one of those who were looking for an easy shortcut to make money with Expert Advisor? If that's so, let's find out how that intelligent software actually performs.

Popular Expert Advisors (1)

Jan 24 2017    
If you were looking for a good Forex robot or an Expert Advisor, this is one-stop hub for all the list of popular and high performing automatic trading robots.

Expert Advisors, Is It Worth Trying?

May 16 2016   1031  
Expert Advisors offers all kinds of benefits, which makes it worth trying. However, this software also comes with some drawbacks.


A favorite among traders worldwide, MetaTrader is "the standard" when it comes to retail trading.

Where can you access it? MetaTrader is available in MetaQuotes' official website and almost every CFD broker out there. To simplify your quest, these two brokers can be a good start to trade with Metatrader:


Year Established: 2007

When it comes to trading platform, IC Markets MetaTrader series is optimized to support the best trading experience across multiple devices.

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Year Established: 2008

Provided as the world's leading platform with competitive edges in terms of flexible trading, analytics, autotrading, and security, Exness MetaTrader series is available in many devices.

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