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Top Forex Indicators - Download for Free


An important instrument to help analyzing the chart, forex technical indicators are somewhat a must to be learned when you first come into this business. Even though you may end up with strategies that don't involve any technical indicator, it's still a good practice to try out some indicators every now and then.

On the other side, for technical traders keen on utilizing indicators as best as possible, exploring various types of indicators can be a necessity. Common indicators provided in the MetaTrader setup are sometimes not enough, hence the search of alternative (hopefully more advanced) indicators from other sources.

For that particular reason, we have compiled a number of top forex indicators that you can't get from your MetaTrader's selection. Don't worry, everything is available for free. You only need to choose what kind of indicator that you want, and click the download button to get it for free.


Additional FAQ

Yes, it is. Despite its shortcomings, volume indicator does exist in forex trading and not all traders ignore it completely. Many said that what appears in the forex volume indicator is the tick volume calculated by how much the price ticks up or down in a candlestick. That's why volume bars usually reflect the strength displayed by the price on the chart.

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Scalpers use technical indicators that are tailored for short-term opportunities to meet market challenges. These real-time tools use signals that are similar to those used in longer-term market strategies, but they are applied to time frames lower than 1 hour (H1). They are most effective when the intraday market is trending strongly or range-bound, and become less effective when there are whipsaws or choppy price movements.

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In a trending market, volume usually spikes. Note the volume indicator in an MT4 chart below and see how volumes contracted ahead of the news release, then slowly rose, and shot up if the news is particularly explosive.


Contrarily, in a ranging market, the volume is usually low. For trend-following traders, these indications are important; after all, a ranging market is calm but it is very difficult to take advantage of it.

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See how prices fall after a volume spike in the picture above? Let's say we are in an auction where bids for an antique painting have reached its topmost price level, what will happen then? Most likely, no one will bid again. The same can be said in the forex market. When a certain price is already considered too high, many people will stop buying; instead, there will be many people who get out of the market or try to cash in their profits. Thus, it can be concluded that after a substantial jump in volume, the previous trend will end. Afterward, what's left is for prices to consolidate at a fundamentally-sound level.

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