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Commodity Prices Today - Metals, Energy, Agriculture, etc

APR 19 2024 Scroll for more details
Type Unit Chg Chg(%) Price
BRENT CRUDE (ICE) USD/bbl. 1.17 1.35% 88.10
COPPER (COMEX) USD/lb. -9.5 -0.1% 9,736.50
CRUDE OIL WTI USD/bbl. 1.02 1.23% 83.75
GASOLINE RBOB (NYMEX) USD/gal. -0.0037 -0.14% 2.71
GOLD SPOT USD/t oz. 6.45 0.27% 2,404.45
HEATING OIL (NYMEX) USD/gal. -0.0038 -0.15% 2.53
RUBBER (TOKYO) JPY/kg. 0 0% 161.70
LONDON COFFEE (ICE) USD/lb. 102 2.51% 4,164.00
NATURAL GAS (NYMEX) USD/MMBtu. -0.015 -0.85% 1.74
NICKEL (MCX) INR/kg. 749 4.04% 19,298.00
PALLADIUM (NYMEX) USD/t oz. -10.97 -1.06% 1,027.53
PLATINUM SPOT USD/t oz. -5.9 -0.62% 948.60
SILVER (COMEX) USD/t oz. 0.15 0.53% 28.53
CORN (CBOT) USD/bu. 4.85 1.14% 431.60
COTTON (ICE) USD/lb. 0.26 0.33% 78.36
WHEAT (CBOT) USD/bu. 13.65 2.54% 550.40
GOLD (COMEX) USD/dmtu. 6.01 0.25% 2,384.26


  • USD : United States Dollar
  • INR : Indian Rupees
  • JPY : Japanese Yen
  • kg. : Kilo Gram
  • bu. : Bushel
  • lb. : Pound
  • t oz. : Troy Ounce
  • bbl. : Barrels
  • MT. : Metric Ton
  • gal. : Gallon
  • MMBtu. : Million BTU (British Thermal Unit)
  • cwt. : Hundred weight
  • tbf. : Board Foot
  • st. : Stone
  • dmtu. : Dry Metric Tonne Unit

Additional FAQ

The main commodities exported by Australia include iron ore and its concentrates, coal, gas, oil, and gold. Two of these, iron ore and gold, correlate positively to the price movements of AUD/USD. Take a look at the chart below, which compares the price movement of iron ore against AUD/USD.

AUD/USD chart.

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Aussie (Australian Dollar) and commodity prices usually move against the US Dollar. This means that commodity prices move against the US Dollar but in the same direction as the Australian Dollar and other Comdolls.

For anyone using a swing trading strategy, this could be an important factor to watch. The same goes for long-term traders who employ a "buy and hold" strategy. Even fundamental analysis-based day traders can benefit from understanding intermarket analysis, especially when commodity price fluctuations affect a country's expected inflation, GDP, and interest rates.

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  • Commodity prices and the Australian dollar move in the same direction.
  • Commodity prices are in opposition to the US Dollar.
  • Commodity prices are positively correlated with AUD/USD.
  • The correlation between gold prices and AUD/USD is as high as 80 percent.
  • The relationship between commodity prices and the Australian Dollar can be used as a basis for fundamental analysis of the AUD/USD pair.

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There are plenty of commodity CFD assets to trade with. Some of the most important ones are gold and other precious metals, grains, beef, oil, and natural gas.

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