Money Management Calculator

This Money Management calculator is specifically designed to make it easier for forex traders to calculate the amount of trading lots every day. By using the Money Management Calculator, traders can make trading plans, analyze trading results, and avoid trading too large lot sizes.

To use this Money Management calculator, you just need to enter the required data in the fields provided below:

  1. Equity when opening the last trading position. Current equity.
  2. Money Management (MM) rules that you use.
  3. Generally traders use between 2-5%, depending on their respective risk interests.
  4. The desired risk / reward ratio (RR).
  5. Minimum RR 1: 2. The desired profit target (in pips).

Money Management Calculator

From the calculation results, you can conclude:

  1. SL (Pips): the amount of Stop Loss that the calculator has calculated based on the RR you specify.
  2. Last: the amount of change in our equity in terms of dollars and percentages.
  3. Trade Target: our next trading target based on previous trading data and predetermined Money Management rules.
  4. Stop Trade: The maximum loss (Maximum Loss) on the next trading position.
  5. Number of Lots / Position: how many lots are in each position that we will open next, based on the Money Management rules that you have set.