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How to Choose Brokers


How to Recognize a Reliable Forex Broker

Apr 21 2022    
For beginners, there is a set of criteria to look for when looking for a good broker. Here is the simple guide to recognize a reliable forex broker.

How to Check If a Broker is Legit

Aug 10 2022    
Finding a trustworthy broker is highly necessary. But most times, brokers don't really tell the truth so it may be hard to know if they're really legit or not.

Are Market Maker Brokers Always Bad?

Jul 15 2021    
So you hate market maker brokers? There are common misconceptions about them spread around in the industry. The explanation below may change your mind about them.

How to Identify Fake Broker Reviews

Mar 15 2021    
Scrolling through broker reviews is one way to measure the quality of a broker. However, not all reviews are genuine and reliable. So how do we identify fake broker reviews?

Top Blacklisted Forex Brokers You Should Avoid

May 5 2021   1245  
Knowing blacklisted forex brokers would help you avoid unnecessary loss from trading in the wrong broker. Many are from different forex scams, so it's better to learn about them.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Trading for Beginners

Apr 11 2022    
There are a lot of brokers with mobile trading apps nowadays. But will it become the future of trading? What are the limitations?

4 Reasons Why ECN Brokers are Ideal for Swing Trading

Jun 6 2022    
ECN Brokers are reliable in their execution and pricing, but most of them may not be affordable for some traders. If you're a swing trader, are ECN brokers worth it?

Why You Should Watch Your Broker's Stop Level

Aug 26 2021    
Stop level is important but often overlooked. Here's why you should watch where your broker stands in regard to stop level.

Trading Commission Based on Forex Broker Types

Nov 18 2020    
Each broker has a different set of rules regarding their commission fees. This article will discuss how to measure forex broker commissions and see if their conditions are reasonable enough for traders.

3 Reasons Why Broker's Fixed Rate is Good for You

Jul 23 2021    
Although existing only in a small number of brokers, fixed rate is a useful feature for any trader. Here are the benefits of using fixed rate from brokers.