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Fundamental Analysis


Everything You Need to Know About Fundamental Analysis

Aug 20 2020    
In Forex trading, the technical analysis is used to know the key levels, while the market fluctuator is determined by fundamental aspects.

What Traders Should Know About Hawkish and Dovish

Jun 13 2022    
Hawkish and dovish are phrases used to describe whether central banks are more likely to loosen (dovish) or tighten (hawkish) their monetary policy.

5 Key Tips on Trading with the News

Jan 13 2021    
Being the first to know what is about to happen is surely beneficial in forex trading, but is it really mandatory in order to reap good profit? If traders do not necessarily need to be the first to know, then is it really worth knowing anyway?

The Key to Approach Fundamental Analysis

Oct 23 2017    
Learn the basic of fundamental analysis, how to be one step ahead against other traders and how to piece up all the seemingly jumbled up economic information for your advantage.

"Buy the Rumor Sell the News", What Does It Mean?

Nov 9 2020   1102  
Have you heard about the "buy the rumor, sell the news strategy? Is it capable of making us identifying good trading opportunities with high rates of profit?

The Economic Indicators That Affect Forex Trading

Jan 7 2014   1290  
Fundamentalists are obligated to understand how economic indicators influence forex trading. If you are a beginner in understanding fundamental analysis, here is a useful guide.

Forex Traders Guide to Retails Sales Data

Jul 15 2014    
Retail sales data release is an event that constantly takes forex market attention. What is Retail Sales Data, why is it important, and how do we trade it?

Central Bank Policies That Affect the Forex Market

Feb 6 2015    
Every country has its own Central Bank that functions as Banker's Bank as well as monetary authority. Because of that, Central Bank policy can have huge impact on the country's currency.

Three Reasons Why Your Fundamental Analysis Does Not Work

May 21 2014   1532  
There are three rules to remember in applying fundamental analysis. Failure in understanding these rules might be the reason why your fundamental analysis does not work.

How Commodity Prices Affect the Australian Dollar

Jun 14 2023    
The Australian Dollar's movements are heavily influenced by commodity prices. When commodity prices rise, it makes AUD robust. Here's the explanation.