Fundamental Analysis

Gold Vs US Dollar: Which is the Better Safe Haven?

Aug 27 2021    

Both gold and US dollar are known as safe haven assets that investors often rely on during a crisis. While both seem to be equally strong, which one is actually better?

5 Key Tips on Trading with the News

Jan 13 2021    

Being the first to know what is about to happen is surely beneficial in forex trading, but is it really mandatory in order to reap good profit? If traders do not necessarily need to be the first to know, then is it really worth knowing anyway?

“Buy the Rumor Sell the News”, What Does It Mean?

Nov 9 2020    

Have you heard about the "buy the rumor, sell the news” strategy? Is it capable of making us identifying good trading opportunities with high rates of profit?

Everything You Need to Know About Fundamental Analysis

Aug 20 2020    

In Forex trading, the technical analysis is used to know the key levels, while the market fluctuator is determined by fundamental aspects.

Fundamental Analysis: The Good and The Bad News

Oct 23 2017    

Learn the basic of fundamental analysis, how to be one step ahead against other traders and how to piece up all the seemingly jumbled up economic information for your advantage.



How Fundamental Analysis Turned These 3 Men Into Legendary Traders

Oct 26 2016    

How important is fundamental analysis, you wonder? These three men turned in massive profit by relying on fundamental analysis, here's their story.

Monitoring Latest Fed Rate Expectation Through Fed Funds Futures

Oct 20 2015    

This futures contract has become more frequently mentioned lately along with increasing uncertainties around Fed rate hike, and it is quite important for forex traders to know.

Beware Of Pseudo Safe Haven During Market Turmoil

Aug 27 2015    

Some assets are perceived as 'safer' than most during market turmoil, and because of that, panicked investor will seek them in order to reduce risks. However, it is folly if one is to believe it.

Measuring Global Dollar Strength With US Dollar Index

May 29 2015    

When you are reading latest financial news in Bloomberg, Reuters, or others, you may see the word Dollar Index. What is it, and why is it being quoted so often?

Tips On How To Trade The GBPUSD

May 21 2015    

Pound was the world's leading currency before US Dollar became the most used currency in global trade transactions. Here's some things to take note if you trade this currency.