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Which is Better, Raw Spread or Standard Trading Account?

Dec 31 2020   15287     Broker Insights

Main differences between raw spread trading account and standard trading account lie in trading costs, namely spread and commission fees.

Top 10 Online Brokers for Non-US Residents

Apr 12 2021   7778     Top Categories

Finding the best broker may be challenging as there are specific requirements to fulfill. Here are the top 10 online brokers for non-US residents to trade in the US market.

Forex Broker Cheats and How to Anticipate Them

Sep 21 2020   5600     Avoiding Scams

Is your broker honest? Check out these forex broker cheats, how to tips identify and recover from them. After all, trading with a fair and reliable forex broker is crucial to ensure your success.

What Does VFSC Regulation Mean for Forex Brokers?

Nov 22 2020   2839     Regulations

Few people recognize Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). However, VFSC regulation and licenses have become more prominent over the years due to specific reasons.

Comparing CySEC Vs FCA Regulation

Oct 27 2020   2569     Regulations

All across the globe, every jurisdiction might have set up its own financial regulatory to oversee the financial institutions. But are all financial regulators created equal? What about CySEC versus FCA?

Fixed Spread Vs Floating Spread: 5 Things You Should Know

Jul 30 2020   4805     Broker Insights

Fixed spread and floating spread have their pros and cons. Follow these 5 comparisons between them to choose which one is best for you.

Cent Vs Micro Account, Which One Is Better?

Feb 5 2021   3624     Broker Insights

Between cent account and the micro account, which one is better for new traders? Read on to find out the difference between those two so that you can decide which one is more suitable for you.

Forex Brokers with Instant Withdrawals

Apr 7 2021   2216     Top Categories

Instant withdrawal allows traders to withdraw their money in less than 3 days or even in a matter of hours. The following brokers have been proven to give instant withdrawals.

Having Broker Withdrawal Issues? Don't Be So Quick to Judge

Nov 9 2020   2440     Deposit and Withdrawal

Many traders associate withdrawal failures with scam brokers, while in reality, the problems are quite common even in some top forex brokers. Why is that so?

The Best Moving Average for 15-Minute Chart

Mar 5 2021   12230     Technical Analysis

The Moving Average is one of the simplest yet powerful tools to trade. Read further to find out which Moving Average is best used for a 15-minute chart.