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Forex Margin Calculator - A Tool for Money Management


Would you like to know how much your margin position will be if you open a trading position at a certain price level? You can calculate it using the forex margin calculator that we provide below.

Using this tool is very easy, just enter the currency pair, the current price level, the margin ratio (leverage) used, select the type of account and size (lot), then click "Calculate". In the bottom column, the nominal margin will appear.


Margin Calculator
Additional FAQ

Margin requirement refers to how much money is needed to provide collateral in proportion to the amount of money one wants to control in leveraged trading. A margin requirement of 5% implies a maximum leverage of 1:20, while a margin requirement of 0.5% implies available leverage up to 1:200, and so on.

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The funds in a Segregated Account can still be used as margins.

The broker can still use it as margin, both for their trading positions and other clients, even if they already use a Segregated Account.

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Margin is the amount of money that traders are required to deposit with their broker to open and maintain a trading position. Leverage determines the proportion of the total transaction size that the trader's margin covers.

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A Forex trading calculator is a tool that simplifies risk and return assessment. Traders manually input opening and closing prices for a financial instrument, and the calculator provides essential information, including spread, commission, swaps, and potential profit or loss.

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