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What is Stop Out in Forex Brokers?

Aug 11 2021    
Have you ever heard of the term stop out? In forex trading, being stopped out can be a terrifying experience for traders. Let's find out why.

4 Trading Tools that Really Matter For Beginners

Aug 30 2021    
The best trading tools should be reliable, functional, and affordable. If you're a beginner, there are specific tools to accommodate your needs. Where can you find them for free?

Forex Deposit Bonus: 5 Things Every Trader Should Know

Sep 22 2021    
When looking for a good broker, what attracts you the most? If you put importance on the bonus, here are 5 key things you should know about forex deposit bonus.

How Does a Cent Account Work?

Dec 1 2021    
Cent account is said to be unique and ideal for newcomers. But how does it exactly work to protect beginners from having too much loss?

All You Need to Know About One Click Trading

Dec 13 2021    
Using one-click trading can help you set up positions quickly. How do you use this feature to your advantage and where to find it?

What is Floating Leverage in Forex Brokers?

Dec 22 2021    
Everyone knows that leverage is a crucial part of forex trading, but have you known about floating leverage? Is it bad or good?

Forex Affiliates Program: How Does It Work?

Apr 30 2021    
Aside from participating as a trader, you can register in a forex broker to earn income from its forex affiliates program. How does it work and what important things to consider?

Which is Better, Commission or Spread?

Sep 22 2022   1052  
Choosing brokers is sometimes about commission or spread. It's not as simple as which one is cheaper but rather which is more sensible to you.

OctaFX Trade and Win: Get Prize Lots to Claim Your Rewards

Mar 20 2023    
Trading a minimum of 1 standard lot in OctaFX could earn you a prize lot to be exchanged with various rewards. How does it work exactly?

Guide to Earn Bonus from Vantage Refer a Friend

Mar 20 2023    
Looking to earn some extra cash? Vantage Refer a Friend offers a simple way to gain income without having to open any trades.
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