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Demo Account Guide



Do You Have to Trade with Regulated Brokers?

Jun 21 2022    
Most people would suggest only trading with regulated brokers, but does that mean that all unregulated ones should be avoided at all costs?

6 Best Forex Broker Regulators in the World

Dec 5 2019   2952  
The regulator is an institution that maintains the law and order compliance of future industries and markets players.

FX Regulation: Unveiling The Dark Sides of the Restrictions

Sep 11 2020   1230  
It has been a common knowledge that a good forex broker must be regulated in at least one regulatory entity for safety measures. However, there are some disadvantages that you should recognize about it.

Guide to Forex Brokers with Multiple License

Apr 28 2021    
The existence of forex brokers with multiple licenses creates the illusion of higher credibility. But the facts about trusted forex brokers are not so simple.

Forex Regulation Insights: Defining Your Broker's Status

Jan 19 2021    
One of the most important aspects of a broker is security. Being registered does not guarantee that a forex broker is licensed to offer their service. Learn the hidden truth here.

Pros and Cons of European License in Forex Trading

Nov 29 2022    
Having a European license might be an advantage for forex brokers, but there are some restrictions that make it not so friendly for some traders.

Forex Compensation Schemes Explained

Oct 28 2021    
Investor protection should always be at the forefront of any broker service. In regard to the forex compensation scheme, is it available in all brokers?

Is Forex Trading Legal in Africa?

Oct 26 2021    
The forex market experiences a rapid growth in Africa today. Does the regulation keep up with the trend?

UK FCA Vs CFTC: Which Forex Trading Regulation is More Credible?

Feb 1 2024    
Both UK FCA and US CFTC are reputable financial regulatory bodies. However, both has different mandate and powers.

Is Your Broker's License Valid? Here Are the Steps to Check

Oct 18 2023    
Checking a broker's license is actually easy. First, find out what license they have, then just head over to the regulator's website to verify it.