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Currency Converter - Exchange Rate Calculator for Trading


How much is 1 Dollar to your currency and vice versa? This currency converter automatically counts the exchange rate based on the current rate in the market. Just put the value you need to convert from one currency to another and get the result.

Currency Converter

Additional FAQ

US Dollar, the United States of America's currency, by itself, is the most traded currency in the world. Of course, the USD is the world's reserve currency, so it is very influential. Meanwhile, the Euro is used by the European Union and serves as the national currency in 19 of 28 EU countries, making it the second biggest currency in the world after USD.

EUR/USD has been the most traded currency pairs in the world for several years and is one of the favorites among forex traders. The main reason for the latter is because it is an actively traded pair with moderate volatility which makes it compatible for either scalping or day trading. There are always enough movements to take daily profits, especially at times around the release of fundamental news.

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Some pairs often move in different directions or, conversely, move in the same direction up to a certain degree. In the following graph, several pairs have more than -80 hourly correlations. That means they are negatively correlated; when one pair moves upward, the other one tends to move downward. 


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Inter-pair correlation changes occasionally. For example, USD/JPY and AUD/USD could have a high negative correlation, but they might change in the next day or week. The correlation might weaken or turn fifty-fifty.

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Exotic currency pairs are any pair that includes one major currency and a currency from a developing or emerging country.

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