Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide



What is Bitcoin and Why Should You Care?

Mar 18 2021    
Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment. Here you can understand how it works and the benefits of trading Bitcoin.

What are Altcoins and How are They Compared to Bitcoin?

Apr 29 2021    
There are thousands of crypto to choose from, but most people only pay attention to Bitcoin. Why so? How different are altcoins from Bitcoin and should we invest in them?

The Complete Guide to Crypto Derivatives

May 11 2021    
Have you ever heard of crypto derivatives? There are various forms of crypto derivatives available but are they profitable? How to trade them?

Which Wallet is Safe for Cryptocurrency?

Aug 18 2021    
Cryptocurrency users should ensure that the wallet they choose is compatible with the coins they trade with because not all wallets support all coins.

Beginner's Guide to Staking and Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency

Jul 30 2021    
Staking is often associated with passive income. But what does staking mean anyway? How is it related to Proof of Stake?

Everything You Need to Know about Investing in Stablecoin

Jul 26 2021    
Investing in stablecoin is a good idea when you trade in a high-volatile market like cryptocurrency. But it also comes with pros and cons.

Metaverse and Cryptocurrency: What Beginners Should Know

Dec 14 2021    
Many people believe that crypto metaverse offers a huge opportunity in the future. So, what is it and what to expect from it?

What is the Best Leverage for Crypto Beginners?

Jul 4 2022    
Leverage is well-known for its help in supporting traders beyond their initial funds, but what is the best leverage for crypto beginners to be safe?

What are AML and KYC in Cryptocurrency?

Jul 12 2021    
The risk of money laundering and other criminal activities still haunts the crypto market to this day. This is why AML and KYC hold significant roles in cryptocurrency.

Top Crypto Trading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Oct 27 2021    
If you find yourself repeatedly unsuccessful in gaining profit from the crypto market, you may do these mistakes without knowing how fatal they are to your trades.

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