The Story Behind Poly Network Hack

Dec 6 2021   2    

Poly Network hack is the biggest and crypto theft in recent times. What actually happened and why it was such a unique controversy?

Which Moving Average is Best for Swing Trading?

Dec 6 2021   9    

The moving average is one of the technical indicators that is commonly used for swing trading. But from the many types and periods of MA, which one is the best?

How to Decide the Best Leverage For CFD Trading

Dec 6 2021   6    

Using leverage for CFD trading can be profitable if used wisely. There are 5 factors to help traders decide the right amount of leverage.

Is Raw Spread Account Worth It?

Dec 3 2021   7    

Raw spread account is known to offer better pricing, but is it worth the commission being charged on every position opened?

Best Scalping Books for Aspiring Scalpers

Dec 3 2021   6    

There are many ways to prepare yourself to be a scalper, one of them is learning from the best scalping books.



Cut Loss Strategy in Cryptocurrency

Dec 2 2021   9    

Cut loss strategy is better than running out all of your funds. In cryptocurrency trading, there are 3 types of cut loss strategies that you need to know.

How Does a Cent Account Work?

Dec 1 2021   11    

Cent account is said to be unique and ideal for newcomers. But how does it exactly work to protect beginners from having too much loss?

Youngest Forex Traders Who Become Millionaires

Nov 30 2021   14    

Making money in forex trading does not depend on how old you are. These traders have proven that becoming millionaires at a young age is not impossible.

10 Best Ethereum Wallets to Store Your ETH

Nov 29 2021   59    

For Ethereum enthusiasts, is there any specific quality to look for in a crypto wallet? These are some of the most secure and easy-to-use Ethereum wallets to store ETH.

Zero Spread Vs Standard Account: a Simple Guide

Nov 29 2021   13    

Brokers offer different types of accounts that traders can choose depending on their experience, knowledge, and available capital. What about the zero spread vs standard account?