Forex Contest: Join and Win the Prize


Are you up for a little challenge in your somewhat strenuous trading routine? Join a forex contest and prove your trading skills. If your strategy wins, win the prize and take the champion title.

In general, there are two types of forex trading contests: demo trading competition and live trading competition. If you want to enter for free, forex demo contest can be a choice as the event will take in a demo account. However, if you aim for a real challenge with a higher stake and reward, enter the forex live contest.


Additional FAQ

For InstaForex novice traders, participating in a demo account competition like this will open up 3 new opportunities i.e.:

  • Enhance Trading Skills
  • Compete with Seasoned Professionals
  • Earn Valuable Prizes

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  1. Fibo's Group Triathlon
  2. LiteFinance Best of the Best
  3. HF Markets' Virtual to Real Demo Contest
  4. InstaForex Sniper

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  1. Start with demo contests before live contests.
  2. Pay close attention and follow the rules
  3. Choose contests that fit your trading condition
  4. Calculate the duration wisely
  5. Control your emotions

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Because, prizes obtained from a trading contest usually are easier to withdraw, so it's more reliable than other bonuses.

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