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Did FBS cheat on me?

FBS broker cannot hit SL which SL you . Today I set 2036 SL on buy trade with gold and they closed my trade at 2034.56. They gave me 15 pip extra loose. Here is a screenshot.

Full name MEHTAB ALI
Account no 241619408
Date and time 14/4/2023 time 11:07
Ticket number

And when I complain, the FBS support cannot help me.

BangladeshMehtab Ali Apr 17 2023 Account Number: (241619xxx)

Deposit and Withdrawal

the worst support from the management.

I deposit 100$ which debit from account on 27th dec,2022 and I gave all the available proof with them when agent understand this actaul issue then they stop supporting you. may be block you. Now no one response over email the extrem thing is that I dont get customer support chat box window as well. but it is visible for another account. I have faced really bad exprinced. Still there is no update from them.

IndiaJaydeep Apr 14 2023

Deposit and Withdrawal

Never ever use this broker

Never ever use this broker, no matter how they sell their offers to you. Deposit is flawless but withdrawal is a pain in the ass. P.S. I have own an account with them for several months and this is not a 1 time occurrence in fact not a 20 time occurrence, it happens every time you make withdrawals I am using them because they offer PLN account. When you deposit they debit you immediately but when you want to withdraw they will send you a fake confirmation that your payment has been sent to their payment processor, and make you wait 1-2 days, at the end they will put the money back in your trading account and tell you that there is an error with their payment processor. Their motive is this, you will end up trading with the money they returned and losing it. To withdraw is like a war with them. I have screenshots and chats from them incase anyone wants to take this up especially the regulators. I am not the only victim here, I am sure there are others.

United StatesJ Mar 30 2023

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Slow respond

i have an amount there, in multiple coins, but most of it is BTC ,the wallets are all OFFLINE, and they respond only once, 1 month ago, any idea for help? i emailed them for 2 months. They said they have problems with servers or something like that. I use they services for years. they are simply fraud.  i got back my money with the help of professionals  your swift recovery Service dorcaster  reviewed by a lady online that also got her money . i decided to file a complaint with them also .

AlbaniaMike Norman Dec 5 2022


Be carefull

SCAM BROKER that work together with the SCAM TRADER. YOUR MONEY WILL BE LOCKED FOREVER TILL YOUR ACCOUNT IS BLOWN to ZERO! First they link your account with the trader. Then they tell you that you cannot withdraw if there are still trades in the account. Then when there are no trades, there are open position opened by the stupid trader so they still cannot unlink your account. This trader blew my $500 to $300 in 1 week, winning trades were around $10, while losing ones are about $20. 1:2 losing ratio, anyone logical would know that it's a bad strategy. I am guessing that this scam broker work together with the trader to lose all your money so they can take everything. The trader is called Ultra FX Strategy, don't fall for their "daily PIPS wins", it's all a lie.

IndonesiaSCAM BROKER! Nov 12 2022 Account Number: (6017xxx)

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Its a scam!

Its a scam ,after paying ki reply ni dy rha na humy training di na humy smjh aarha h k kahan se shru kry , paying k bd gaib he hogy, if you understand k ap humy lot kr kha ly gy i am giving u information its haram jo humy dhoka dy kr kha ly gy hazam apko b ni hogy agr chahy thy paisy tu aise he mang lyty 😡 its scam,its faraud its everything

PakistanMaryam Riaz Sep 19 2022 Account Number: (xxx)

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There are problems with my transactions

I noticed that the positive transactions I made on fullerton were d the next day because their companies suffered a loss as a result of this transaction. There was also a sub-account in my own account that was unrelated to these transactions. They stated that the funds in this sub-account were also d as a result of transactions made by other accounts under my IB . I was astounded that they wiped out all of my money as soon as I made a small profit, despite the fact that they did not benefit me at all in my negative trades. I do not recommend that any investor, large or small, work with this company.

TurkeyAlp Feb 10 2022

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My profit is all gone

Totally Scam Site, don't use if you love your money

This is nothing but a childish and scam broker. If you do profit a handsome amount, they will block your profit in the name of investigation and ban you from their platform in name of bonus abuse. So if you love your money and profit, just stay away from this broker. They just vanished my 1700 usdt profit which I made through oil and bitcoin trading. Blocked and vanished by them from my account and only my capital is returned!
Also, they will not give you any concrete proof of abuse. They will just email you and that's all! All your profit is gone!

United StatesRANU AKTHER Dec 3 2021 Account Number: (251xxx)

Deposit and Withdrawal

FXOpen refuse to pay me!

I grew my account from 19usd to 80usd and tried to withdraw the 80usd via an Atm card, but FXOpen refused to pay me even after deducting the money from my main wallet. It's been past the so-called "5 business days" they said I should wait for, not to talk of the rigorous "verification" process they put me through when I tried withdrawing via the same Atm card I used in making deposits numerous times. They always deducted the money almost instantly whenever I made a deposit, but when it came to making withdrawals, they put a chain on my neck. I have forfeited the money knowing full well that the name "FXOpen" will always ring "SCAM" in my ears. The funny thing is that most of the reviews on this site are by their employees. That's how low they stoop.

NigeriaMoses Nov 22 2021 Account Number: (XX08FXPNXXP9363410xxx)

Automatic Trading

There are a lot of problem with this broker

Money doesn't really go to TRIUMPHFX, it's the local company to make the deposit and withdrawal, whereas you check big brokers with PAMM systems like etoro and hotforex, ic markets, they actually made it themselves. secondly, IB introducing that marketing plan, please... let me know why big brokers do market their product this way if it is legit. we have seen so much marketing plan, money game plan that "pull' people. 

MalaysiaBIG NO To TFXI Jun 20 2021