Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

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I like the promotions

I like the promotions, but the withdrawal fees are a bit steep.

BrazilJohn Jan 18 2024 Account Number: (80xxx)

how i was able to get it out

Stop wasting your time and money, i was scammed by a scam broker who keep asking me for more funds to deposite which look hilarious to me luckily to me i was able to cliam back my lost investment with the help of nick jover4 at gm com , who guide me to get back all my lost including my bonus 

NigeriaJennifer Jan 10 2024 Account Number: (5478903xxx)


Do not use this company!

Do not use this company. I opened an account 4 months ago and lost tens of thousands do to my own inexperience and foolishness, however, that is not my main complaint. Yesterday they closed my account without warning and when I checked my email they had just sent me confirmation of this closure but did not give any reason.

They just said we can do this because our Terms and Conditions says we can. I have not broken their rules and my account is well above the minimum $200 threshold. The only reason I can think of is that I was starting to make a small profit of £600 scalping over the previous few days.

It seems as if they are not happy making profit from spreads on each trade and will actually close you down if you start to make some money. Since I have lost over 50k since April, I figure they only have an issue when you manage to make some money. They are more that happy to take your losses.

SingaporeAndrew Newell Nov 16 2023

Trading Platforms


While the platform is sleek and intuitive I think the profitability for FTT with a starter status account is a bit low. For the advanced statuses, it is fine though.

ThailandSomdetch Montri Oct 28 2023

A bit average

I am impressed by some of the things offered by the broker, especially the trading tools available. However, some things do not really make sense to me, such as the many account types. The accounts offered by the broker are too many for my taste and they cause a sort of dilema when traders want to decide what account to chose.choose

ThailandProi Chao Oct 27 2023

Order Execution Spreads and Commissions

Folks, be carefull!

Alright, folks, let's dive into this! First off, the execution speeds at FirewoodFX are pretty snappy, gotta give 'em that. But here's the kicker – they've got a real sneaky side when it comes to those commission fees. They claim it's just a mere $5 per lot size on the US30. Now, you might be thinking, "What's the big deal?" Well, here's the deal: 1 lot on US30 can rake in a sweet $100 for every 10 pips. So, that $5 commission starts to look pretty hefty when you do the math. It's like they're pulling a fast one on you!

SingaporeDwayne Price Oct 19 2023

Spreads and Commissions

Never fails to surprise me

I was actively trading during the NFP release, and to my surprise, my order was executed at a non-market price. When I raised this issue with them, their response was rather dismissive, to say the least. I had solid evidence in the form of screenshots, which I promptly shared with them, but it seemed like they simply absconded with my funds. My account is set up with fixed spreads, yet the order was executed at a level significantly higher, approximately 200 pips beyond my intended entry point.

FranceArturo Waters Oct 18 2023

A little mixed here

While they do have a good trading conditions in terms of spreads, I must say that I had a disappointing experience with this broker, especially in terms of their customer support. Many of my questions were completely ignored, and they seemed unwilling to address issues with the platform's functionality. Such a lack of concern for clients makes me doubt FXOptimax's prospects for significant growth. I fear that in a year or two, it might even turn into a scam.

SwitzerlandAl Underwood Oct 18 2023


They frustate me!!

I'm really frustrated with these guys for their misleading claims about 1:1000 leverage. The problem is, when you sign up, they automatically put you on 1:200 without any clear warning, and it stays that way until they decide you're "low-risk" enough. They should at least be upfront about this on their website so that traders who want higher leverage know what they're getting into. It's just not fair.

PakistanMarty Patton Oct 16 2023

Bad slippage! Unreal!

FirewoodFX employs a cunning strategy to take your money. They widen the spread pips, effectively charging you more, and then label it as "slippage." While I had a smooth experience trading on their demo account, things took a different turn on the real account.

When I attempted to open a trade at a specific price, they manipulated it and executed it at a different price, justifying it as "slippage." The same issue kept recurring when closing orders. For example, if I expected a profit of +$2, I'd later discover in my trading history that it was actually -2$. This pattern persisted across many of my orders.

When I reached out to them about this, they insisted it was slippage, and that I had supposedly agreed to it when signing up. This situation left me baffled. Why would every order be opened at a different price and result in a 2-pip loss when closing it? It seemed rather unreasonable and hard to accept.

FranceSarah Austin Oct 16 2023

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