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Demo Account Guide

Trading Plan And Strategy


How to Build a Winning Trading System

Aug 13 2020   1172  
A survey states that the result of the well-planned trading system will be much better compared to unplanned trading.

How to Backtest a Trading Strategy

Sep 2 2022    
Backtesting a trading strategy may boost traders' confidence in their own approach because they believe that future profits will offset any losses.

Forward Testing Your Trading Strategy to Success

Oct 6 2022   1046  
Forward testing is an important step between backtesting and consistently profitable financial trading.

How to Set Your Strategies in Four Market Phases

Feb 22 2022    
Did you know that market movements repeat themselves and form a constant cycle every once in a while? How do you adapt your strategy to it?

Trading System Failure: 5 Reasons Why and How to Stop It

Nov 11 2020    
Building a trading system is not that easy because in addition to applying it, a trader needs to evaluate and develop the system from time to time.

How Do Banks Trade Forex?

Feb 25 2022   1803  
Did you know that banks are the biggest players in the forex market? Read further to find out how banks execute their trades and what we can learn from them.

How to Profit from UK Forex Market Hours

Feb 27 2024    
In this article, we'll delve deeper into the timing of the UK market hours, strategies applicable during this time, illustrated examples from charts, and other helpful tips.

What Are the Top Strategies for UK-Based Traders?

Jan 25 2024    
Unlock success in UK trading with top strategies like the London breakout and BoE decisions. This is also useful for any trader in the world who trade UK financial instruments.

What Is Conservative Trading?

Oct 20 2023    
In the realm of conservative trading, traders usually choose investments that are secure and less prone to volatility, often with a focus on the long-term.

Introduction to BBMA Strategy

Oct 16 2023    
Having a good strategy is more important than ever. The BBMA strategy is a top choice because it combines two popular indicators and a complete set of rules with tested profitable outcomes.