Trading Plan And Strategy

Top 5 CFD Trading Strategies You Should Try

Jun 23 2022   5    

CFD is a very risky asset to trade, but it can bring you a lot of profits if done correctly. In order to do that, you need to carefully choose the best CFD trading strategy.

Day Trading Strategy on NFP Release

Jun 17 2022   15    

The NFP report is one of the most anticipated news releases for many types of forex traders, including day traders. How do we apply the strategy?

Trend Analysis with Institutional Traders' Positions

Jun 15 2022   16    

It's easy to get trapped on the wrong side of the market and lose money. What if we tell you that understanding the movements of institutional traders can actually help you?

Your Simple Guide to Trade USD/SGD

May 31 2022   21    

Trading on exotic pairs such as USD/SGD is a great way to look for opportunities from high volatility. However, there are some factors that come into consideration.

Understanding the Double Death Cross Strategy

May 31 2022   28    

The double death cross strategy aims to earn sizeable profit from multiple entries during strong downtrend.

The 20 EMA Bounce Trading Rules for Beginners

May 30 2022   59    

There are various indicators that can be used to construct a forex trading strategy for beginners who are just getting started. The 20 EMA bounce is one of them.

How to Trade with London Breakout Strategy

May 30 2022   21    

The early hours of the London session provide a great opportunity to make money due to high liquidity and volatility, hence it's probably good to learn The London breakout strategy.

Is Contrarian Trading More Profitable?

May 27 2022   22    

Contrarian strategy is arguably a powerful technique. However, contrarian trading is also a risky tactic for short-term speculators.

Best Ways to Deal with Slippage in Trading

May 25 2022   19    

Have you ever opened a trade only to see it executed at a different price level than you requested? Learn how to anticipate that problem here.

Trading Signals that Work for Long-term Traders

May 24 2022   21    

There are both fundamental and technical trading signals that work for long-term traders. Here are some real market proofs.