Trading Plan And Strategy

Heikin-Ashi Strategy: An Easy Way to Follow the Trend

Jun 15 2021    

The Heikin-Ashi candlesticks are similar yet provide more insightful signals than the traditional ones. Here are some recommended strategies to trade with the Heikin-Ashi candlesticks.

A Useful Guide to Combine Candlesticks with Indicators

May 21 2021    

Many believe that relying on candlestick patterns alone is not good enough, so combining it with other indicators is a great way to improve the trade.

Bank Trading Strategy: How to Take Positions

Apr 15 2021    

Knowing how bank trading strategy works is not enough if you want to really try it out. This article reveals an example of the strategy's implementation and extra tips on how to successfully trade like bank traders.

Bank Trading Strategy: The Basics and the 3 Key Steps

Apr 14 2021    

Many traders want to know how to trade in position with the banks. Why is it so important? We're going to learn all about it in this bank trading strategy.

3 EMA Scalping Strategy for Easy Trading

Apr 7 2021    

Many traders like to use moving average to trade because of its simplicity and ease of use. But what if we use 3 EMA lines at the same time? Does it stay true for easy trading?



How to Double Your Profit with Pyramiding Strategy

Feb 27 2021    

The pyramiding strategy is said to be a powerful strategy as it can double your profit without increasing your risk. Here's the complete guideline to properly use it in forex trading.

Bollinger Bands and SMA Combo Strategy

Feb 26 2021    

This article will cover the use of Bollinger Bands and Simple Moving Average. How can both indicators create a combo strategy? How effective is it to spot profitable opportunities?

Simple Scalping Strategy with EMA

Feb 15 2021    

Scalping is a fast pace strategy to enter and exit the market in relatively rapid succession. You can employ this strategy in tandem with Exponential Moving Average.

Exponential Moving Average Strategies for Day Trading

Jan 30 2021    

EMA is one of the most widely used technical indicators in forex trading thanks to its ability to easily identify the market trend. Find out the various types of EMA strategy for day trading in this article.

5 Minute Trading Strategy with EMA

Dec 25 2020    

A short term trading strategy with simple indicators, the 5-minute strategy with EMA is a complete trading setup with a way of managing risks and optimizing profits from the price momentum.