Trading Management

The Ideal Winning Percentage in Forex Trading

Mar 23 2021    

The winning percentage is often considered as an indicator to measure trading performance. But, it is important to know the ideal winning percentage in forex trading before making an evaluation of a trading system.

Top 3 Money Management Strategies in Trading

Jan 18 2021    

Money management plays a pivotal role in forex trading. This article discusses three basic money management strategies to maximize profits effectively.

Optimizing Money Management in Forex Trading

Jan 11 2021    

Still finding money management is a hassle? Here you can learn how to implement and optimize money management in an easy way, and why completely abandoning the strategy is a big NO.

Debunking Myths on Money Management

Dec 31 2020    

Money management is an important aspect of forex trading. However, many traders are led astray by some beliefs that turn out to be only myths. What are they? Let's check some facts in this article.

Forex Trading with Small Money, Is It Possible?

Sep 18 2020    

The amount of forex trading capital is intensely diverse, ranging from zero to thousands of dollars. How much is the ideal number? Can you actually achieve something from trading with small money?



Turning Position Sizing into 5 Money Management Tricks

Aug 29 2020    

Given the high volatility that every investor is going to face in the market, knowledge of risk management is absolutely necessary. Position sizing can be turned into several interesting money management strategies that can help you.

5 Keys Tips on Money Management

Aug 28 2020    

Most traders only focus on the trading strategy compared to money management to gain profit. That's unfortunate and this is why.

Risk Reward Ratio In Forex Trading

Mar 24 2015    

Today I want to talk about risk reward ratio in forex trading. You may have heard about risk reward ratio already, but what is risk reward ratio?

Minimizing Risk In Forex Trading

Jul 3 2014    

There are two reasons that made risk in forex trading became too much. That is: extreme leverage and forex broker scams. I respected his opinion on the matter. Nevertheless, I think there are ways to get around the two risks. There are no investment without risks. It is our responsibility as traders and or investors to understand and manage those risks.

Pros And Cons Of High Leverage In Forex Trading

Feb 5 2014    

Nowadays, brokers provide us with many degrees of leverage. The higher the leverage, the smaller the funds we will need to start trading.