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5 Keys Tips on Money Management

Aug 28 2020    
Most traders only focus on the trading strategy compared to money management to gain profit. That's unfortunate and this is why.

Managing Risks in Forex Trading (1)

Jan 17 2014    
Crucial for your success in forex trading, risk management can be made possible byways of diversification, understanding your odds, and calculating risk in each transaction. Here is the complete explanation.

Managing Risks In Forex Trading (2)

Jan 17 2014    
Risk management during the trade can be applied by using risk/reward ratio. Drawdown and losing streak are the two things that you should keep an eye on if you want to last long as a forex trader.

Trading Size in Forex: How to Set It Properly?

Mar 16 2022    
Apart from trading strategy, trading size is also highly important because it directly impacts the risk of a trade. So, how do we determine the right trading size?

Optimizing Money Management in Forex Trading

Jan 11 2021    
Still finding money management is a hassle? Here you can learn how to implement and optimize money management in an easy way, and why completely abandoning the strategy is a big NO.

How to Make a Trading Journal If You're a Day Trader

Aug 29 2022    
Trading journal is important to learn from past successes and mistakes. Are there any specific setups that you need to apply if you're day trading?

How Much Money Do You Need for Day Trading?

Jun 23 2022    
Like any other trading strategy, you need money to begin day trading. But how much exactly do you need to day trade successfully?

Using Tight Stop Loss, Why Not?

May 23 2022    
Tight stop loss is often seen as a bad strategy due to its high risk, but there are always two sides of a coin. Learn about the advantages of trading with tight stop loss in this article.

What is Floating Leverage in Forex Trading?

Dec 22 2021    
Everyone knows that leverage is a crucial part of forex trading, but have you known about floating leverage? Is it bad or good?

How to Minimize Risks in the Currency Market?

Aug 30 2021    
The forex market is actually not as dangerous as you like to think. Here are some strategies to minimize currency risk that you can try.
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