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Customer Support

Good but Customer Service is conserning

Exness functions adequately as a broker; however, my main area of concern lies with their customer service. In the past, their customer service was swift in responding to messages, but over the last 3 months, I've noticed a decline in their responsiveness. This shift in their customer service behavior makes me apprehensive about continuing to use their services, as unforeseen issues could arise in the future without the assurance of effective support.

TaiwanAlane Samson Aug 10 2023


Dissapointing results

Had a seriously rough time with this, gotta admit. Since I hopped on board, I'm down almost 400 bucks. Once I settle my current balance, I'm waving goodbye to this account for good.

TurkeyKiyoko Petrie Aug 1 2023

Order Execution Spreads and Commissions

I can't believe this is happening

Because of their spread manipulation and canceling orders out of the blue, I'd rate this broker as pretty subpar. If you're into fundamental trading, steer clear of these guys. They're a dead end for success. Do yourself a favor and skip this scam

ThailandLita Downing Jul 25 2023

Customer Support

Bad customer service

Ineffective customer support that struggles to comprehend my concerns. My order was closed due to a stop loss being triggered on the Exness app, but the market chart did not actually reach that point. Swift assistance is imperative in addressing this matter; otherwise, I will be compelled to take severe action.

TaiwanShona Darnell Jul 14 2023

Deposit and Withdrawal

Where is my money?

I dropped in a deposit last month, but my bank account and Exness broker seem to have lost track of it. I've been in touch with the support squad and even slid into their Instagram DMs, but it's like talking to a wall. All they keep saying is "wait 24h" or "give it 4h." Well, I've clocked a good 48 hours since last month, and there's been zero movement – no cash back in my bank account and no credit in my Exness account. This is getting seriously frustrating.

TaiwanWally Gallardo Jul 4 2023

Regulation and Security

I don't know if I can trust them

I found it challenging to place my trust in Exness because I encountered a perplexing situation when attempting to deposit money to initiate my first trade with them using the UPI payment mode. I was given two distinct UPI IDs to make the payment, and to my astonishment, they belonged to an unrelated interior designing company.

PakistanJennie Holmes May 18 2023

Curious about cut loss program

So I have heard about excess cost-saving features. I wonder if this is a separate feature I need to apply for or not. What kind of feature is this and how does it cut down my cost?

TaiwanTim Morris Apr 4 2023

Deposit and Withdrawal

Bad withdrawal system

It is a no for me. Why? Because my withdrawal hasn't been processed for days! That is abominable for me. What's worse is they don't give updates ons we need to follow, and standard words are received. We escalated to the payment team time will be 5 to 8 Business days.

IndiaTerry Wright Mar 31 2023

Trading Platforms

Super dissapointed with the copy trading platform

Very disappointed with your platform, Exness. I used algo trade on Exness standard account but got huge losses because Exness terminal failed to fetch the correct data. I don't know how is this even possible. This has never happened in another algo platform before.

IndiaWilbert Hoffman Mar 31 2023

Deposit and Withdrawal

slow deposit

I keep having problems with this deposit. Ever since I move to the mobile trading platforms, my deposit is always late. Yes, they always arrive in my account in the end but it is slower than usual. And I have lost several opportunity because of it. Please fix this Exness, I beg you.

TaiwanBeverly Montgomery Mar 30 2023

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