Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide
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Forex Trading


Forex Trading in Africa: A Study of Improved Financial Inclusion

Feb 8 2024   Trading Insights  
Financial inclusion has finally been realized in Africa with the help of forex trading. How does it happen and what purpose can forex brokers bring to improve that?

A Study of Post-Brexit Impacts for Forex Traders

Jan 30 2024   Trading Insights  
Here is how BREXIT impact regulatory environment for UK forex market and trading industry.

The Role of Hedging in Achieving a Diversified Forex Portfolio 

Jan 25 2024   Trading Insights  
Hedging is a powerful tool to help forex traders diversify their trading portfolios. How does it happen and what are the advantages? Let's delve further.

Navigating the Impact of Social Media on Forex Trading in the UK

Jan 19 2024   Trading Insights  
Social media impact in the UK is not limited to personal matters only, but also in forex trading. How come? Let's find out the answer in the article below.

All You Need to Know about Frozen Account in Forex Trading

Oct 24 2023   Trading Insights  
If you experience a frozen account, you won't be able to trade. Here are the reasons and what you can do to unfreeze it.

Best Times to Avoid Forex Trading

Oct 19 2023   Trading Insights  
There are certain times when traders are advised to avoid forex trading, including the beginning of the week, the end of the week, holidays, and during news releases.

What is Latency in Forex Trading?

Sep 18 2023   Beginner  
Latency refers to a that happened during trading. It might affect your trading results since your order won't be executed at the right price.

An Exness Guide to Swap Fee in Forex Trading

Oct 13 2022   Broker Insights  
Forex swap may influence your trading costs if you often hold positions overnight. Let's learn how to calculate swap fees in this article.

Forex Trading: 10 Things Beginners Must Know

Apr 18 2022   Beginner  
Getting ready to be a forex trader? There are 10 basic rules every beginner needs to learn, starting from when and where you can trade forex to how you should consider margin appropriately.

Forex Trading Facts in Nigeria

Apr 12 2022   Beginner  
It is legal to trade forex in Nigeria as long as you are using your own money.