Trading Success Story

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May 24 2021    

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How to Be a Successful Trader by eToro's Top Investor

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5 Top Trading Stories of Learning from Big Losses

Dec 22 2020    

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Powerful Tips from 5 Successful Day Traders

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Successful Traders in Singapore and Their Stories

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Lessons From Jane Foley, A Female Forex Strategist

Feb 23 2016    

Have you ever felt confused when learning about forex? If so, don't let it distraught you, for even Jane Foley had experienced the same thing. Here is her full story.

Jody Samuels, The Queen of Quid

Jan 26 2016    

Another succes story of women in forex comes from Jody Samuels, an experienced trader who began her career in 1979. Here, she shared her experience, knowledge, and opinion about independent trading, Elliot Wave, as well as genders in forex trading.

Valeria Bednarik, A Successful Trader Who Keeps Learning

Sep 16 2015    

Following the stories of successful female traders is always interesting. This time, we will reveal Valeria Bednarik's story, a female trader from Argentina who gained success through learning from losses.