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A demo account is a type of account funded with virtual money. By using this demo, traders are experienced with the trading platform and its various features. A demo account also helps traders to understand how forex market works, before deciding to set up a real account funded with the customer's actual money. Demo accounts are offered by lots of online trading platforms, including stock trading platforms, foreign exchange trading venues, and commodities exchanges.

Below you will find a list of Forex Brokers that offer demo account for trading.

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As a training ground for new traders to hone their skill and discipline before jumping into the live market, the demo account allows new traders to see what the market looks like and how it works without losing any real money. New traders may use it to make them feel confident enough to place some real money in the market. More experienced traders are also welcome here if they want to test a new trading strategy.

Here we have a list of how a demo account may benefit you and what downsides you need to avoid.

  • Absolutely Free of Charge
    Not a single penny is required in order to set up this account. Just create one and the broker of your choice will provide you with some virtual funds, some forex broker can provide up to $100,000 virtual fund and some leverage.

  • No Financial Risk
    If there is one thing about forex trading that bears no risk, that thing will be a demo account. Use that virtual money all you want. You may continue to do real trading if you think you like it and can profit out of it or quit if this does not suit you.

  • An Early Way of Knowing Your Broker's Quality
    A demo account is something that a forex broker may provide for a new trader in order to show them the ropes. You can see for yourself how a particular forex broker works in providing services for clients by registering for its demo account. See how it communicates with you, try the demo trading platform, figure out the spread and/or commission applied, and many others in relation to how a good forex broker should be.

  • Free Simulation of Trading Tools
    Forex trading is carried out with the help of several tools like any other trade. Like a mechanic that does not fasten a bolt with a bare hand, a forex trader does not use the platform by itself. There are many tools that you can use to predict what is coming up next, and they can be tried out without risking your money in a demo account.

  • A Practical Way to Train Your Skills
    This is the main goal of a demo account; practice without risk. If you can take this training ground seriously, you might be able to jump into the market and actually place real money there. You might not be 100% immune to losses but at least most of that risk should be mitigated by now.

  • Ignorance of Risks
    What seems to be a beneficial convenience may turn out to be a major downfall if you do not aware of it. The absence of consequences to your real money can get you carried away in trading carelessly. If this habit continues to live after you progress to the live account, you will find yourself penniless in no time.

  • Tendency to Gamble
    While it is not wrong to treat a demo account like a game of gamble, it is advised that whoever wants to get into forex trading must use the demo account as intended and that is to train, practice, and learn. Such caution is taken to prevent said behavior from transferring over to a live account.

  • The Comfort Zone
    Although your profit from a demo account is a sum of virtual money that can't be withdrawn or liquidated into real money, it still brings about some sort of excitement. This is where things get dangerous. Being too comfortable in the demo account can hinder you from the real success of trading with a live account.

  • Doesn't Fully Reflect the Real Trading Condition
    There is literally nothing to lose in a demo account, and its platform basically enables traders to trade in the real-time forex market, not the simulated one. Yet, it is important to note that because the orders are all virtual in the demo account, everything tends to go smoothly without any major disturbance like slippage, market freeze, requote, or other execution problems. Any trader who likes to trade in a volatile market would be surprised by the risks of running into such problems when they experience live trading for the first time. If not anticipated carefully, these kinds of problems can lead to damaging losses that destroy your account.

Every successful trader has lost some amount of cash during their career, so do not feel bad when you do. A demo account exists to give you the training field so that you can learn everything without paying a high price. Still, that small pleasure can trick your brain into thinking that risk is simply non-existent. When that effect sets in, your account could bleed out too soon. Thus, it is important to know how to use the demo account wisely.

The second you enter live trading, always remember that your hard-earned money is literally on the line. Tread carefully as to not losing it. When you do lose some of it, remember the pain and take it to the heart so you can execute your next move with greater caution.

Additional FAQ

Demo accounts facilitate traders to learn more about the technical aspects that can make a difference. For example, traders can learn when and where to enter and exit, how the price is affected by support and resistance levels, or what differences candlestick charts and bar charts have.

Studying trend-based indicators is highly encouraged if you aim to be a trend trader since forex trading is full of tools such as Moving Average, MACD, and Bollinger Bands. By practicing efficiently in demo account, you can learn which technical indicators are useful for you and which ones can be discarded without having to worry about the risk of losing money.

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A forex demo account is a practice account on a real trading platform. Traders do not need to deposit their funds as brokers fund demo accounts with virtual money. With demo accounts, traders can practice in the live market environments with real live pricing.

Depending on forex brokers' choices, demo accounts may use proprietary platforms, white-label platforms, or licensed robust platforms such as MetaTrader. Some brokers even go as far as offering market analysis from experts.

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Since demo accounts do not require real money, traders can test their strategies without any financial consequence before applying them to the live market.

For rookie traders, they can experience first-hand how contract sizes affect their trading or how forex spreads work in real-time when an order is placed. This experience enables them to develop a strategy accordingly.

For experienced traders, demo accounts can be a 'shelter' from the capital risk of implementing new strategies in real accounts. It also provides them with the chance to enhance their existing strategy or identify its fault, especially after a streak of losses.

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Most forex brokers provide demo accounts for free to their clients. Below are some forex brokers with the best demo accounts:

  • IC Markets: Available in all account types, platforms, and all instruments.
  • OANDA: Allows CFD trading account and test trading strategies under real market conditions.
  • Exness: Offers vast opportunities for different types of traders.
  • XM: Avaliable for all XM Real Account holders.
  • Tickmill: Allow traders to try low spreads, fast execution & great trading conditions risk free.
  • OctaFX: Allow trader to open as many demo accounts as they want.
  • Pepperstone: Provide real market pricing and can be offered with up to 50,000 virtual funds.
  • FBS: Available for all account types and instruments.
  • eToro: Get a free $100,000 Practice Account upon joining.

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