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Forex Brokers That Accept CashU Payment Method for Deposit and Withdrawal


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Broker Payment Specifications

CASHU is one of the oldest payment solution providers out there as they have started their business in July 2002. This company is serving almost 3 million people in the Middle East and North Africa, available at 300,000 points of purchase for e-wallet funding, and accepted by more than 7,000 online stores. CASHU is popular not only among online store customers and online gamers but also among forex traders, VoIP users, IT service, and many more.

The founding company, Jabbar Internet Group (Maktoob), has its headquarters built in Dubai International Financial Center. Some of the offices are located in Amman, Jordan and Cairo, Egypt.

Everyone that engages in e-commerce wants safe and fast transactions. To that end, This company is built around the most sophisticated fraud prevention and Anti-Money Laundering system, therefore decreasing the risk that is often linked with online payment. Such features are beneficial for forex traders as well.

How to Fund a Forex Account with CASHU?

Most forex traders would want a user-friendly and undemanding payment system. With CASHU, all it takes is pay the official website a visit in order to create an account, verify it, then fund the account using a prepaid card, credit card, or any other payment methods. The website itself can help locating a store that sells prepaid cards in a number of denominations from $10 all the way to $300. Once you buy one of those cards, you will find a string of 18-digit code that you can enter to top up your CASHU account.

Now that your account already has some cash on it, you are almost ready to fund your forex trading account on your platform of choice. To do so, you will need your CASHU's wallet account number, email address, or the phone number that you have used to sign in to your CASHU account.

It is quite easy from here; just enter the amount that you wish to transfer from your CASHU account to your forex account then confirm that amount by typing in your CASHU account number and password. In a matter of hours, you will see that amount is deducted from your CASHU account and added to your forex account. Be advised that some platforms may charge some fees.

Is CASHU Beneficial for Forex Traders?

Here are some advantages of CASHU that might be useful to you:

  • Affordable

    We are all here to make some money. Therefore, we will need to remove any unnecessary expenses. This is one corner that you might want to cut in order to reduce the running cost of your trading account. So, choosing CASHU as a low-cost payment system can be the right choice.

  • Mobile

    CASHU is not only available on your desktop but also on your mobile device, a great addition to the feature if you wish to add funds at a moment's notice.

  • Secure

    As mentioned earlier, this company is built around a secure fraud prevention. CASHU will also protect both your personal and banking details. So there is one less thing to worry about. You can pay more attention to your trading activity instead.

  • Easy to access

    You do not even need a bank account to create a CASHU account, this ease of access can be very useful for any forex traders.

  • User-friendly

    Even new traders can easily use CASHU’s service. Just type the amount, log in to your CASHU account, verify your transaction, and you are done.

Is There Any Drawback?

Despite all the benefits, there are a few disadvantages to consider as well:

  • Only available in certain regions

    This company exclusively runs in the Middle East and North Africa area. So if you conduct your trading activities outside those area, you may not be able to employ their service.

  • No withdrawal

    This is probably quite a big deal for many traders, some people might even consider moving to other e-payment service providers just because of this inconvenience.

Now let us take a look at this table below to see how much you need to spend in order to use their service.

CashUService Fees

In conclusion, CASHU is a reliable, cheap, and easy top-up service if you trade forex in the MENA area, especially if your access to a credit card is limited. Pay their website a visit to see if their service seems interesting to you.