Forex Brokers in South Africa

Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) have been supervised forex brokers in South Africa since 2018. In spite of being the most evolved countries in Africa, there are still many unregulated forex brokers in this region.

South Africa has become a dynamic forex broker network, with exponentially growing forex markets and traders. Since the loose limitation from FSCA, forex industries in South Africa has various trading conditions and leverage rules.

Broker Regulation Max Leverage Min Deposit General Rating
South Africa
CySEC 185/12
FCA (UK), 777911
FSC (Mauritius), C113012295
FSCA (South Africa), 46614
1:2000 $10 Review
South Africa
ASIC 309763
CONSOB (Italy), 76
CySEC, 392/20
DMCC (Dubai), 31171
FCA (UK), 217689
ISA (Israel), 2
SFC (Hong Kong), AIM232
1:400 $1 Review
South Africa
ASIC, 417727
CySEC, 250/14
FCA (UK) 509909
FSCA (South Africa), 47546
ISA (Israel), 5
Monetary Authority of Singapore, 2017-12-11
1:300 $100 Review
South Africa
CySEC, 282/15
FSCA (South Africa) 46452
1:30 $250 Review
South Africa
ASIC, 424122
BaFin 130602
CONSOB (Italy), 2915
Czech National Bank, 256/2004
DMCC (Dubai), 32142
FCA (UK), 501320
Finansinspektionen (Sweden), 556873-1326
SFC (Hong Kong), AZJ874
1:30 $200 Review
South Africa
ASIC, 424700
FCA (UK), 629628
FSA (Japan) 19/02/2021
FSCA (South Africa), FSP No 49835
1:30 $1 Review
Capital Index
South Africa
FCA (UK), 709693
Securities Commission of The Bahamas SIA-F199
1:200 $100 Review
CM Trading
South Africa
FSCA (South Africa), 38782
1:200 $250 Review
South Africa
IFSC (Belize) IFSC/60/241/TS/17
1:3000 $1 Review
South Africa
CFTC/NFA 0509630
FCA (UK), 195355
1:50 $1 Review
Velocity Trade
South Africa
AFM (Netherlands) 29.05.2020
ASIC, 329813
FCA (UK), 497263
Financial Dispute Resolution (NZ), FM0279
FMA (New Zealand), FSP20003
FSCA (South Africa), 43295
1:200 $1000 Review
Grand Capital
South Africa
FFMS 1204
The Financial Commission, 15.01.2016
1:500 $10 Review
South Africa
Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (Vanuatu) 14777
1:1000 $50 Review
South Africa
ASIC, 417482
CySEC, 125/10
FCA (UK), 585561
FSCA (South Africa), 45276
1:30 $100 Review
South Africa
ASIC, 406668
Central Bank of Ireland C53877
Financial Futures Association (Japan), 1574
Financial Services Regulatory Authority (Abu Dhabi), 190018
FSA (Japan), 1662
FSC (BVI), 2013-07-30
FSCA (South Africa), 45984
1:400 $100 Review

If you are interested to open an account in one of the brokers in the list above, make sure to try the forex demo account before proceeding to register in the live account.


What is the best forex broker in South Africa?

Finding the best forex broker in South Africa is not much different from choosing the right broker in general. Aside from making sure that the forex broker is available for client registration from South Africa, you need to check its regulation, minimum deposit, spread, leverage, payment methods, and other trading-related aspects that may affect your strategy. Furthermore, make sure that the broker has a good credibility and reliable customer support.

Where can I trade forex in South Africa?

The list in this page can be a good reference if you look to trade with in South Africa. We have sorted specific forex brokers that accept clients from South Africa, so you can choose one of the brokers by comparing their minimum deposit, regulation, leverage, and rating. If you are interested to learn further about a certain broker, feel free to click the review button.

What is the best forex broker for beginners?

If you are a beginner and looking for the right broker to trade with in South Africa, some aspects that you need to pay attention to are the low minimum deposit, demo account, and educational features. Apart from that, it's also better to make sure that the broker has good customer service because as a beginner, you may need to consult about broker services that still seem incomprehensible to you.



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