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Forex Brokers in Brazil


Brazil has the biggest forex market potential in South America based on its population. Forex trading in this country has become popular over the years due to their transition toward a more open and liberal economic environment. Interestingly, the most important thing when looking for a Brazilian-friendly broker is the availability of BRL account currency.


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If you are interested in trying one of the brokers in the list above, make sure to open the forex demo account so you could experience trading firsthand with virtual money. You don't even have to deposit any funds since the demo account is 100% free. It is also available in most brokers.


Yes, forex trading is legal in Brazil. Following the enactment of CMN Resolution 3265, subsequently revised by Resolution 3568 in 2008, both individuals and legal entities are granted permission to buy, sell, and conduct international transfers of foreign currencies as long as they use the Brazilian currency (BRL).

Within this framework, investors have the liberty to trade forex pairs without the necessity of seeking prior approval from the central bank, which is called BCB (Banco Central do Brazil). Furthermore, there's no limit on the trading volume provided that the counterparty in the transaction is an authorized agent of BCB.


Yes, forex trading is subject to taxation in Brazil. Profits from forex trading are considered capital gains and are typically subject to income tax. The tax rate can vary based on the amount of profit and the individual's tax bracket. As of September 2021, the tax rate for capital gains in Brazil ranged from 15% to 22.5%, depending on the total income.


Forex trading in Brazil is overseen by the central bank (BCB) and CVM (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários), which is equivalent to the Security Exchange Commission for the capital market.

It was used to be very limited and highly watched by the central bank. But since the release of CMN Resolution 3265 in 2005 that allows any individual traders to carry out forex trading legally, there are no particular restrictions that should concern traders in the way they conduct their traders.

It could be said that the only condition that matters is that traders should fund their accounts with the local currency, which is Brazilian Real (BRL). The fact that forex trading income is taxable could be a consideration too.

Other than that, there haven't been any clear rules on leverage limits, bonus offerings, negative balance protection, segregated accounts, hedging strategy, and other conditions that are typically regulated in other financial jurisdictions. Brazilian authority also doesn't restrict their traders and investors from trading with international brokers.


As of August 2023, there has been no information on Brazilian licenses issued for well-known forex brokers. They have a few local brokers registered under BCB, but the number is very limited and the detailed information practically unknown to the worldwide forex industry. As such, choosing an international forex broker could be a good option if you'd like to trade in Brazil.

Here are several key considerations to bear in mind when selecting a good forex broker in Brazil:

  • Accepts BRL account currency.
  • Supports Portuguese as one of the languages on the official website and mobile app.
  • Provides local deposits and withdrawals.
  • Regulated in at least one well-known international jurisdiction (such as Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Seychelles, Australia, etc.).
  • Has a track record of operating for over 5 years.
  • Provides segregated accounts.
  • Offers a reasonable minimum deposit, along with competitive spreads, commissions, and other fees that may affect your financial capability.
  • Provides trading specifications that align with your trading plan. This encompasses factors like maximum leverage, minimum lot size, stop-out and margin call levels, as well as support for various trading strategies.

While not obligatory, these aspects can also be considered to enhance your trading experience:

Additional FAQ

Trading conditions are a great way to start because they are basically the foundation of the broker service itself. This includes the amount of trading spreads and commissions, leverages, and more. Trading conditions can directly impact the trader's overall trading cost, making it a critical aspect of any broker's selling value. Great pricing must be one of the top priorities to offer to potential clients, especially with the cut-throat competition between brokers these days.

Moreover, since standard regulations are starting to take effect, regulated brokers can no longer offer fantastic bonuses or exaggerated promises of high returns. Instead, they can offer low fees to reduce the trader's cost, combined with a transparent trading ecosystem and no hidden fees.

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Not all forex brokers can offer a wide range of trading instruments apart from currency pairs. Therefore, this can be a great opportunity for brokers to stand out in the market and attract traders who are looking to expand their investment portfolio. Some top brokers can offer hundreds, even thousands of tradable instruments, including stocks, index CFDs, commodities, precious metals, etc. A few of them even go beyond traditional instruments and offer cryptocurrencies which are undoubtedly in demand these days.

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Since forex brokers mainly offer online trading, it is crucial for them to have the latest technology. First and foremost, the trading platforms must be accessible and affordable for all traders. It is also a great idea to provide additional technical indicators and trading tools to help clients take their trades to the next level.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the most popular trading platforms at the moment. As such, many brokers are content with offering these two options. However, we should also note that these days, there are loads of other available trading platforms in the market. Some of them are entirely unique and offer innovative features that are often found absent on the more popular platforms. Therefore, providing a wider list of platforms can attract more clients, especially those who are looking for specific, advanced trading tools and analysis.

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If a broker is "registered", that means that the broker's registered as a company in a certain country and has one or more offices in that country. In this category, the broker does not necessarily have a license to operate as a broker and is usually not actively monitored by the country's regulatory body. The company's operations are also not always centered on the main office address but it could be outsourced to other areas.

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