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List of New Forex Brokers


This list contains forex brokers with 2 years of experience or less. Considered as the newcomers, these forex brokers may lack in experience. However, there are certain advantages that can only be obtained from such brokers, namely their strong commitment to provide the best service to gain and maintain new clients. The efforts are usually realized through many kinds of endeavors, from offering competitive trading conditions to withholding attractive promotions.

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Additional FAQ

To detect a forex broker's policy on scalping, look for information on the broker's official website. The freedom of trading with scalping is a feature that is often considered an

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The majority of forex brokers are hybrids that provide market maker, STP, and ECN conditions all at once. Even if brokers implement the STP/ECN model, their liquidity providers are still market makers.

Thus, it is not wrong to say that all forex brokers are basically "market makers". Therefore, based on this label, we cannot determine a broker's quality.

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  1. Slippage: You should be cautious if the slippage happens very frequently and ends up negative most of (if not all) the time.
  2. Spoofing: It consists of developing a fake interest in a currency pair by placing phony orders on them without the actual purpose of trading that currency in the future.  
  3. False spikes: Unethical brokers make use of this feature by fabricating price surges in order to trick unsuspecting traders into placing orders.
  4. Stop hunting: They bring the prices to a point close to the stop loss order that forces you to exit the trade, after which they push the prices to move in the opposite direction.
  5. Front running: When a trader indicates that they intend to make an order, the broker immediately places their own order to profit from any changes in pricing.

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To be successful, your broker should be:

  • Allows a minimum deposit of USD50.
  • Provides trading with micro lots (0.01).
  • Charges no commission.
  • Offers low spreads (less than 2 pips for major pairs).

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