Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

Leverage 1:200

What leverage will you use for trading? Each trader will usually use a different leverage. Here is a list of forex brokers that offer 1:200 leverage that you can choose from.

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To minimize risks related to leverage, there are some tips you could do:

  1. Adjust quantity per trade with the real amount of our balance.
  2. Control used margin and available margin to anticipate worst-case scenarios.

It is all back to margin and money management. Tailor the leverage used in your trading account to reflect your trading style.

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Margin is the amount of money that traders are required to deposit with their broker to open and maintain a trading position. Leverage determines the proportion of the total transaction size that the trader's margin covers.

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Leverage is an essential tool that allows traders to control a larger position with a smaller amount of capital, amplifying potential profits.  It is expressed in the form of a ratio, such as 1:10, 1:50, 1:100, 1:500, and so on. The first number in the ratio shows the amount that can be traded using the initial capital, while the second number indicates the amount of leverage provided by the broker.

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Trading on high leverage could be compared to borrowing money from banks. By using leverage, we 'borrow' money from brokers interest-free. 1:1 Leverage means you don't borrow any money. If you have USD 10,000 and you purchase 10,000, it just means that you use all of your money. But if you use leverage, you use more than what you have.

Of course, having more money gives us more bravery to make risky decision, but also makes us more vulnerable to the dangers. What seems like small lose could turn out bigger and unaffordable. That is not good. Just like borrowing money from banks must be done carefully, so is borrowing money from brokers.

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