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Forex Brokers Providing Trailing Stop


A trailing stop is a type of stop-loss order that combines elements of both risk management and trade management. Trailing stops are also known as profit protecting stops, because it helps traders to lock profits on trades while also capping the amount that will be lost if the trade does not work out. Trailing stops can be manually implemented by the trader, or set up to work automatically with most brokers/software. A list below will show you some forex brokers that offer trailing stop in their platforms.

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The trailing stop is highly effective for managing profitable trades, providing traders with real-time position protection as the market moves. The stop loss level moves with the market when using a trailing stop.

For instance, let's consider a scenario where a trader buys GBP/USD with an initial stop of 50 points and a trailing stop of 50 points. As the price of GBP/USD increases, the trailing stop will "trail" or move higher accordingly. If the GBP/USD reached a high of 0.7712, the trailing stop would be adjusted to 0.7662. If the price fell below this level, the trade would automatically be closed, safeguarding the profits attained.

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If the price reverses and moves against you at some point, the trailing stop can protect the profits you've earned before. Here's how trailing stop loss basically works:

Trailing stop loss

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If you want to enter the position in the long term and don't know where to come out, it is recommended to use 25% trailing stop as minimum protection. 25% trailing stop is quite big and makes it possible for you to catch the trend movement. The most important thing is to get out of position before a big reversal. When you're out from a bad position faster, it will minimize your trauma.

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It is an important tool that moves your stop loss level as your profit increases. As the name suggests, trailing stops will trail the market movement by fixed amounts. So if the price moves toward profit, the trailing stop will move alongside the market price. This means the percentage of loss that you're willing to tolerate remains the same. That being said, the purpose of trailing stops is to protect the profits from getting back to zero or even minus.

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