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FP Markets

FP Markets is a well-established broker since 2005. FP Markets has a headquarter in Australia. It is are generally well-suited for FP Markets to provide their Forex/CFD trading services to global clients.

This broker has also been regulated by ASIC 286354 and CySEC 371/18.

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ASIC 286354
CySEC, 371/18


Bonus offers

Free education

Personal manager

Trading by telephone

PAMM accounts

MAM accounts

Segregated accounts

Affiliate program

Islamic accounts available


Account Information

Apart from the forex demo account, this broker offers Standard and RAW. To successfully navigate your trading account, you also need to consider about leverage and minimum deposit. Talking about leverage in general, the maximum leverage offered by FP Markets is up to 1:500. Meanwhile, you can open an account with a starting capital of $100.


Minimum Deposit



Maximum Leverage








If you want to look for a more simple explanation regarding this broker's account type(s), take a loot at the following chart:

Minimum Deposit $100

Minimum Position 0.01 lot

Spread Variable


Expert Advisors

Trailing stop

Pending orders

One-click trading

Mobile trading

Automated trading

Instruments Traded

Besides lots of currency pair, FP Markets also offers some instruments you would like to trade on, such as Forex, Indexes, Metals and Cryptocurrencies for your best choice. Somehow, remember that different instrument has different trading conditions. In this case, you have to make sure that your strategy is well suited for the instrument you chose.

As for Standard account, FP Markets specifically provides it with the following instruments and leverage:









Minimum Deposit $100

Minimum Position 0.01 lot

Spread Variable


Expert Advisors

Trailing stop

Pending orders

One-click trading

Mobile trading

Automated trading

Instruments Traded

Besides lots of currency pair, FP Markets also offers some instruments you would like to trade on, such as Forex, Indexes, Metals and Cryptocurrencies for your best choice. Somehow, remember that different instrument has different trading conditions. In this case, you have to make sure that your strategy is well suited for the instrument you chose.

As for RAW account, FP Markets specifically provides it with the following instruments and leverage:









Payment Methods

Bitcoin : As a payment method, Bitcoin is reliable for its low cost and quick process. Brokers have been integrating Bitcoin as one of their funding methods especially after the cryptocurrency's rise in popularity. Now, traders who have digital wallets can easily transfer their funds to and from their trading accounts.

Wire transfer : Wire Transfer is the most commonly used payment method. Nearly all brokers in the world provide this method on their service. The reason is wire transfer is basically traditional transfer between banks in the worldwide. So, this method is guaranteed for its safety. This really helps traders who avoid third-party payments or don't have credit cards.

Skrill : Mostly, all forex brokers provide Skrill as an online payment service option. Fast, easy, and safe transactions are the main reasons why traders using this method. Traders can use Skrill to fund their trading accounts with either payment cards, bank wire transfers, or directly from a Skrill e-wallet account.

Neteller : Like PayPal, Neteller is one of the most popular online payment services today. Due to this popularity, nearly all forex brokers accept Neteller as a payment method for their clients' fund deposit and withdrawal. Although the Neteller system is available almost all over the world, it remains particularly popular in Europe.

FasaPay : Known as an e-payment for retail forex traders, FasaPay does not require a huge amount of fee, giving it a competitive edge among any other e-payments in the forex brokerage industry. Instant process is also featured as one of its advantages.

FP Markets also provides payment with USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), Ripple, Local bank transfer, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dragonpay, Dash and Credit/debit cards

Trading Platforms

Trading platform is a tool where you can buy or trade an instrument with only some clicks on your device, anytime and anywhere you want. In addition, price chart is also usually provided with some analytical tools to help you analyze the price movement, so you can increase your profitabiliy by placing well-planned trades.

Hereby, FP Markets offers you MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Customer Support

Do you have any question or find any trouble related to FP Markets? If you do, you should reach FP Markets's support to get the information that you need. Here is the detail of the broker's customer support:

Website Languages






FAQ About FP Markets

Is FP Markets a good broker?

A good broker constitutes a good service for traders in terms of many criteria including trading instruments, deposits and withdrawals, as well as customer support. What is good for a certain trader does not necessarily mean the same thing to you. So the term "a good broker" can vary in meaning. You can decide for yourself if FP Markets is a good broker for you or not by reviewing the criteria. In general, FP Markets provides trading service in Forex , Indexes , Metals and Cryptocurrencies . As for the payment methods, you can choose between Bitcoin, Credit/debit cards, Dash, Dragonpay, Ethereum, FasaPay, Litecoin, Local bank transfer, Neteller, Ripple, Skrill, Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and Wire transfer. The customer support is available via Email, Live chat, Office and Phone.

What is the minimum deposit for FP Markets?

The starting capital in FP Markets is $100.

Is FP Markets regulated?

FP Markets is regulated by ASIC 286354 and CySEC 371/18. A regulated broker equals a more responsible trading environment. You can also expect a more guaranteed safety of funds as some of regulatory frameworks in the financial industry require a compensation scheme in case of unprecedented incidents that result in clients' financial losses.

Is FP Markets legit?

FP Markets is a brokerage company offering trading services for clients since 2005 with offices in Australia.

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37 Reviews

Cecila Hannon
United States Aug 30 2022

Hai, I am fairly new in forex trading, so I don't really understand some basic knowledge about it. Here are some questions I have about FP Markets.

1. Why do FP Markets have two different types of pricing?

2. What is the difference between ECN and DMA pricing?

3. As a new trader, which one would bring me more benefits?

Thank you for answering my questions.

Chanda Pitts
South Africa Aug 30 2022

I know that FP Markets allows copy trading on their platforms but I just realize that they are also equipped with social trading as well. However, I do not understand the differences between social trading and copy trading in FP Markets. From what I saw, both allow the trader to copy a strategy. Are there any other differences I should know about? How do I apply to one?

Jayna Champion
Switzerland Aug 30 2022

From what I read on their official website, I understand that FP Markets offers metal trading. However, this option is not only limited to MetaTrader but is also available in the Iress platforms. I want to know what is the difference between Iress platforms and MetaTrader. What I'm most interested in are leverage differences and spreads differences. So, if there is any difference between these two I would like to know.

Marybelle Triplett
Malaysia Aug 30 2022

Some of my friends have been recommending FP Markets to me. They believe that FP Markets has one of the best conditions for indices trading. However, I want to know what kind of indices FP Markets grants me access to. Because I do not only trade US indices like most of my friends. So, I want to know if FP Markets have a wide variety of other indices.

Anika Gonsalves
Taiwan Aug 30 2022

Do FP Markets offer any type of affiliate programs or anything similar? If yes then what kind of program do they offer? I always think that an affiliate program is a considerably good way to gain passive income from trading (other than the trading itself). However, I understand that not all broker comes with an affiliate program.

Hallie Coyne
Argentina Jun 23 2022

I am currently considering FP Markets for commodity trading but there are several considerations I must address. First of all, I wonder how much leverage can I get to trade this particular product? I am particularly interested in energy and metals, so I really hope they have it. Although I understand that those two are quite a popular products.

Loyce Aranda
Switzerland Jun 23 2022

Hi, does the FP Markets mobile trading apps available on iOS as well? I don't use Android, but I own iPhone as well as an iPad. I wonder if the mobile trading apps are compatible with these two? Also what kind of features are available in the mobile trading apps? Can I open and close orders through the apps? Or is it simply let me check on my positions?

Jayson Beaudoin
Taiwan Jun 23 2022

Do FP Markets provide a copy trading service? If yes do they allow clients to apply as a provider as well? If yes then it will be amazing. I am a trader with adequate experience in the market and I am looking for a way to get more profit besides trading. How much does FP Markets give the provider for their copy trading service?

Lewis Fulton
Germany Jun 23 2022

I have several questions regarding account funding in FP Markets:

1. Do you offer deposits and withdrawals through bank transfers?

2. What currencies do you accept for deposits and withdrawals from bank transfers?

3. If I transfer my deposit through a bank transfer, how long do I have to wait until the money arrives in my account?

4. Do you accept deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin?

Kaycee Roden
Canada Jun 23 2022

When I checked on the FP Market's official websites, I saw that they offer ECN pricing and DMA pricing. As a new trader, I don't understand what are the differences between the two. Especially how they affected my prices or spreads. I also want to know which type of pricing applies to which trading account. As a side note, I am just barely started trading forex. In my case, which pricing would I receive?

Blanche Lloyd
Canada Jun 7 2022

Do FP Markets provide fundamental tools like economic calendars or news flash? I am a fundamental trader and having quick information from one platform is a huge advantage for me. I don't like switching tabs since it consumes time. Not to mention because I did it on my mobile device, it took an even longer time.

Bernadette Byrd
Australia Jun 7 2022

Are FP Markets suitable for scalping? I am a long-time scalper and my current broker is now a bit too expensive for this method. So I have several questions which include:

1. Does FP Markets have a zero spread or low spread account?

2. Does they have deposits and withdrawal fees? If yes, then how much?

3. How about their order executions? Is it fast enough for scalper? I can't have anys.

Ron Hawkins
Singapore Jun 7 2022

I was thinking of returning to trade CFD assets and some of my friends have been suggesting FP Markets. From what I get, this broker has one of the best prices for CFD trading. I also know that they have plenty of choices for CFD assets, which is a great thing. My question is, what kind of trading platforms do they offer for CFD trading? I mean besides their MetaTrader of course. I am a busy bee, so I might prefer mobile trading apps.

Kathryn Morrison
Germany Jun 7 2022

I have been trading for about 4 years, and I think I have adequate knowledge of several markets including forex, metals, and many more. Now, I am looking to find another way to gain profits from trading. I have noticed that FP Markets have copy trading platforms, and I was thinking to apply as a provider. How do I become one and how much profits can I get from being a provider?

Lance Matthews
Germany Jun 7 2022

Does FP Markets mobile trading apps allows immediate trading? Or is it just a portfolio checker app? I know there are a lot of brokers and mobile trading apps claiming to allow 'trading on the go' while it actually only allows you to check the conditions of your assets only. While it can be a great way to check your loss, it doesn't really help if you are a busy trader like me. I need to buy and sell my assets anytime I want.

Herbert Snyder
France May 23 2022

I haven't seen too many people talking about FP Market's demo account here, so I just have to ask since I am about to open an account. First of all, does the demo account available for all account types, and how much virtual money will I receive in the demo account. Second of all, how many demo accounts can I open? There are several strategies I would like to try and it might require me to create multiple demo accounts.

Vickie Ortega
France May 23 2022

I am on a journey to find the best CFD broker out there. When asking around in a trading forum, I notice that FP Market's name emerge as one of the best CFD providers right now. I just wondering what kind of CFD assets they offer. Aside from this, I know that CFD is a leverage product and I want to know how much leverage does FP Markets give?

FP Markets

United States Jun 7 2022

Vickie Ortega: Please note that FP Markets is a group of companies that includes: First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd, an ASIC regulated provider of CFD and Forex trading services (ABN 16 112 600 281, AFS License # 286354), First Prudential Markets Ltd (registration number HE 372179), a company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC license number 371/18) and FP Markets LLC. which is a registered company of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Limited Liability Number 126 LLC 2019. 

You are registered under FP Markets LLC. which offers a leverage of 1: 500

Ricardo Weber
South Africa May 23 2022

I am currently looking for a broker that is suitable for hedging. The most important thing for this is to find out what kind of instrument a broker offer. FP Markets has plenty of asset variations but how about the spreads? Will it increase? It will be a huge problem if it were to increase when I'm keeping a position open. Also, are there swap-free options for all of those instruments? I prefer long-time trading so I tend to keep positons open overnight. Lastly, what is FP Market's stand on hedging? Is it allowed?

FP Markets

Germany Jun 7 2022

Ricardo Weber: Dear Ricardo, yes we obviously allow hedging. Yes, we offer swap-free accounts to clients of the Muslim faith. Please note that we may charge administration fees. About the spreads: All of our prices are transmitted directly from our Liquidity Providers (LPs) with zero interference from us. We acquire our prices directly from several leading financial institutions, including HSBC, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Citibank, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Commerzbank. FP Markets does not pursue stop loss, intentional spread expansion, ored execution.

Jenna Patrick
Canada May 23 2022

Although I can't really say that I am an old player but I am definetly not a newbie either. That being said, I still have plenty of things to study about trading. That is why finding a broker with the best education become one of my priorities. My reason is since broker education tradings are free and they can be informative sometimes. My questions are, do FP Markets have these features? I'd like to know what are my options regarding their education materials. Also is it free for clients?

Kurt Oliver
Malaysia May 23 2022

I have been keeping an eye on FP Markets for a while. I have seen a lot of people trading with this broker and honestly, it's really tempting. As of today I still haven't opened a new account on this broker yet since I still want to do some research. I notice that this broker has Negative Balance Protection features which sounds like an amazing feature. But I really want to know how does it work to protect my account? Does all account types can benefit from this feature or is it only for certain accounts?

Barry Cortland
Turkey May 18 2022
Account Number: (62485xxx)

Excellent trade execution from FP Markets. Good trade execution is one of the important factors for judging a broker.

United States May 17 2022
Account Number: (58471xxx)

Good customer will create a happy customer. The customer is me. Thank you FP Markets for make my trading experience so memorable.

Ukraine May 17 2022
Account Number: (45668xxx)

Do not hesitate to join and trading with FP Markets.

Canada May 13 2022
Account Number: (30124xxx)

I am very happy with their execution system, so fast!!

Pakistan May 13 2022
Account Number: (45178xxx)

A little bit of problem with withdrawal process, but in the end all the problems solve easily.

Tanner Coker
Switzerland Apr 26 2022
Account Number: (21093xxx)

Although my experience with the FP market is pretty much great and smooth, I think there are several things to explore. For example, one thing that I believe they can improve is a more detailed explanation in the application process about how to access the portal and trading platform, since they used different passwords. I had to email a couple of times to figure out how to get the passwords of both. Other than that, The application process was smooth. The software was easy to use.

Weldon Mcmillen
Nigeria Apr 26 2022
Account Number: (34122xxx)

Overall, I have been very satisfied with FP Markets. I think they have amazing service and the best trading conditions I can get with that price. Overall a very good broker with amazing support time. I had some opportunities to use the customer support features, and so far my interactions have been pleasant and professional. Another thing I want to talk about is their user interface. I think that their platform is very intuitive and simple, to conclude it's easy to navigate and beginner-friendly. However, their spreads can be high.

Argentina Apr 12 2022
Account Number: (21675xxx)

Recommended broker! I have 0 bad experience so far and I've been trading with them since few years ago.

Weston Skidmore
Pakistan Apr 6 2022

So, I have been interested in trading with FP Markets. I have heard about the cent account. Some of my friends from the trading forum have suggested this broker but I haven't been sure because of these.

1. How many deposit needed to start trading

2. What kind of small/cent/micro account do you guys have?

3. Are you avaliable in my county?

4. What kind of payments do you accept and is there any fees?

Antione Carlos
United States Feb 12 2022
Account Number: (45162xxx)

It is amazing how quick the withdrawal process is. I made the request yesterday morning and today the money is already being transferred to my account! It's really cool. For those who want to know, I trade through my usual MetaTrader 4 using my smartphone. It is a very smooth experience and I highly suggested it for all traders. They also have a lot of instruments available for the mobile trading apps whilst most brokers would just limit your options regarding trading instruments.

Collin Winstead
Argentina Nov 2 2021
Account Number: (21342xxx)

Their customer service is really great. They are most helpful full and speedy with satisfying my queries. However, there are several things I'd like to add. sometimes when putting small orders in to add to existing positions on some occasions they are denied and I don't understand what is the reasons behind that.

Johnie Tovar
Nigeria Sep 1 2021
Account Number: (45172xxx)

Overall FP Market is great and they have wonderful service. But, my one issue is when you withdraw money it is not quick, often it takes several days to be received and it never comes back in one go. That means you might have to do several attempts to get all of your profits into your pockets. I have also had missing payments between FP Markets and my banks which are still under investigation for over a week. Some people might be quick to judge and said that FP Market stole their money, but in reality, this broker has a pretty slow withdrawal. Truly hope they will get better.

Keven Squires
Malaysia Sep 9 2020
Account Number: (33423xxx)

I am very pleased to finally find a broker that caters to all my trading needs. It's very hard to find one that does all I want in one go. FP Markets really worth the money I spent. First of all, good spreads, are better than my old one at least, and the execution is better than the other brokers as well. The customer service is also very nice and professional. You don't see a lot of that these days. They also have really wide market range, but I won't complain if they want to spreads the wing and added some more.

Antone Click
United States Apr 3 2020
Account Number: (45263xxx)

They have terrible customer service, even just talking about it makes me really mad. So this happened last week, I was trading a major pair and then I realized that my stop loss is triggered. At first, I thought that was because I was losing but no, I was still far away from my stop loss point but they kicked me out. This also happened last month when they executed my take profit positions 1 pip earlier than it was supposed to be. I contacted the customer service and they didn't give me good explanations at all!

Trent Winslow
Singapore Feb 26 2019

I keep hearing about them in several forums and a lot of people have recommended them to me. But I have several questions before I decided to open a live account.

1. Does Fp Markets increase spreads just before major forex news releases? If yes, is it bad?

2. Does this broker guarantee forex stop entries under any market conditions without a gap?

3. Also, I am currently in Dubai, I was wondering if FP Markets allow me to trade with them?