CIMA Regulated Forex Brokers

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) is the primary financial services regulator of the Cayman Islands. CIMA is responsible for managing the Cayman Islands currency, regulating and supervising financial services, providing assistance to overseas regulatory authorities, and giving advice to the Cayman Islands government on financial-services regulatory matters.

The Cayman Islands is also known for its liberal laws and investor-friendly regulations that made it one of the most prominent tax havens in the world. It offers significant tax benefits, strong privacy laws, and a relaxed regulatory structure. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the majority of forex brokers in the Cayman Islands are enjoying a tax-free regime and relaxed regulatory guidelines. The upside is that they can offer much more flexible trading conditions compared to other brokers regulated in stricter jurisdictions.

Here is the list of forex brokers regulated by the CIMA:

Broker Regulation Max Leverage Min Deposit General Rating
ATC Brokers
Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 1448274
FCA (UK), 591361
1:200 $5000 Review
Hong Kong
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, 1442313
CySEC 259/14
DFSA (Dubai), 000048
FCA (UK), 186171
FSA (St. Vincent & the Grenadines), 25228
1:325 $100 Review
TradeView Forex
Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, 585163
1:400 $100 Review
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, 1444866
CNMV (Spain) 4256
CySEC, 301/16
1:500 $250 Review
Your FX Broker
Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, 585163
1:100 $100 Review
Vantage FX
ASIC #ACN 140 903 886
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, 1383491
FCA (UK), 501057
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, 700271
1:500 $200 Review

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