Ryan Singh

A freelance writer who has been regularly writing for BrokerXplorer since 2020. With my articles, I wish to provide forex traders with educational topics to learn from.

Articles by Ryan Singh

Best Forex Brokers Accepting ZAR Currency

Nov 3 2021   121    

If you're a South African trader, these 10 forex brokers offer some of the best services for trading with ZAR currency.

Forex Regulation in Africa: All You Need to Know

Oct 26 2021   102    

The forex market experiences a rapid growth in Africa today. Does the regulation keep up with the trend?

Most Recommended Price Action Books to Read

Oct 18 2021   195    

These 10 quality books might be your ultimate guidance in understanding price action and how to utilize it to profit from the market.

Defi Explained: Your Guide to Decentralized Finance

Oct 1 2021   122    

DeFi is considered the next big thing in the financial market. It seeks to bypasses intermediaries and remove central authorities, making it an attractive place for new investors.

FCA and Other UK Financial Regulatory Bodies

Sep 23 2021   132    

The UK has the FCA, the PRA, and the FPC as the centers of financial regulation in the UK. What are they and how do they distribute their roles?

Best Tools to Spot Trend Reversals

Sep 20 2021   469    

Between price action, trend, and volume indicators, which tools are best to identify trend reversals? Why finding the best tool is important?

What is Stop Out in Forex Brokers?

Aug 11 2021   184    

Have you ever heard of the term stop out? In forex trading, being stopped out can be a terrifying experience for traders. Let's find out why.

4 Perks of Trading Contests that You Don't Know

Aug 10 2021   211    

In addition to the rewards, forex trading contests are packed with other intangible benefits. Most of them deal with your skill and experience in trading.

Beginner's Guide to Staking and Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency

Jul 30 2021   271    

Staking is often associated with passive income. But what does staking mean anyway? How is it related to Proof of Stake?

Using Forex Rebates the Right Way

Jul 21 2021   161    

As a type of bonus you can get from trading, the benefits of forex rebates are undeniable. However, we should also be cautious of the risks.