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History of Forex: Which Is The Oldest Forex Broker In The World?

Mar 15 2021   1257    

The oldest forex broker in the world has been around for decades. But, which company is the oldest in the history of forex and currency exchange services?

How to Choose the Best Forex Broker

Feb 18 2014   1151    

There are specific criteria that need to be considered when choosing the best forex broker. From trading style to the client's agreement, here are some useful tips for determining the best broker for you.

Forex Broker Accounts: Which One Is Actually Better?

Mar 23 2017      

If you are about to enter live Forex trading and got to pick one from many available Forex accounts, let me help you to sort out which Forex accounts do the job for you!

How Forex Broker Makes Money? This Is The Answer

Nov 28 2019   1412    

Traders And brokers are two things that can't be separated from each other.When we trade forex we can't go the markets directly, we need a mediator.

How to Recognize a Reliable Forex Broker

Apr 21 2022      

For beginners, there is a set of criteria to look for when looking for a good broker. Here is the simple guide to recognize a reliable forex broker.

Why do Brokers Need to Know Traders' Personal Information?

Oct 28 2022      

For beginners, being asked about personal identities can be irksome and worrying in regard to personal data safety. Yet, this actually has something to do with the broker and trading safety itself.

EUR/USD On June 8th: Corrective Bullish At 1.1367

Jun 8 2016      

EUR/USD tracked bullish at 1.1367 and expected to remain bullish peaking to key-resistance level at 1.1417, by then EUR/USD would likely run bearish.

What Does It Mean to be an Institutional Client in Forex Brokers?

Nov 14 2022      

Forex brokers tend to provide special treatment for institutional clients. What constitutes an institutional client and what are the perks?

Not Every Broker is Good for Beginners, Here's Why

Jul 28 2022      

These days, you can find a long list of brokers in the market claiming to be the best. However, not all of them are actually good for beginners. How so?

Why Do Brokers Give Leverage?

May 5 2022      

Leverage is famously known as borrowed money from brokers to increase their clients' capacity in trading. Wouldn't it do more harm than good if brokers continue to give such support?

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