Trading Basics

Understanding Spot Gold Vs Futures Gold

May 31 2022   25    

Gold trading can be done in many different ways. For years, spot gold and futures gold come out as the two most talked-about. What sets them apart?

Beginner's Guide to Trading US Indices

May 26 2022   16    

The US stock indices are a major part of the investing community because they offer many opportunities to make big bucks.

Bounces and Breakouts in Forex Trading

May 20 2022   43    

Bounces and breakouts are essentially the backbones of looking for opportunities in forex trading. They are strongly related to how much you understand support and resistance.

Why Should We Reduce Forex Leverage?

May 18 2022   29    

Believe it or not, leverage is better reduced for traders who are not experienced enough in using leverage the right way. Read more to explore the reasons why.

Your Definitive Guide to Pivot Points in Forex Trading

May 13 2022   32    

Pivot points could provide reliable support and resistance areas so you can look for ideal entry and exit levels. There's also a strategy where you could combine it with a technical indicator.

How to Use Channels in Forex Trading

May 12 2022   42    

If applied correctly, channels could provide useful and powerful signals for buying or selling in accordance with the prevailing trend.

Intro to Order Blocks in Forex Trading

May 11 2022   115    

Understanding how institutional traders move in the market is necessary for retail traders. Mastering order blocks is one of the most reliable solutions to help you with that.

How to Draw Trend Lines in Forex?

Apr 30 2022   36    

Drawn correctly, trend lines could provide trading signals as accurately as technical indicators for forex traders.

What is Market Sentiment in Forex and How to Measure It?

Apr 27 2022   38    

Market sentiment emerges as collective consequences of various factors, including fundamental and technical factors, chart patterns and important global news, among others.

Forex Trading Psychology for Beginners

Apr 21 2022   40    

Entering the forex market with the right mindset is highly crucial for long-term success. Here are some basics in trading psychology for beginners that you can learn.

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