Trading Basics

Most Recommended Price Action Books to Read

Oct 18 2021    

These 10 quality books might be your ultimate guidance in understanding price action and how to utilize it to profit from the market.

All Questions about Margin in Forex Answered

Jul 15 2021    

Margin in forex might be a hassle to unravel for there are so many things to learn about it. This article will answer all questions you have about it in a simple way.

Why You Get Margin Call and How to Prevent It

May 30 2021    

The leading cause of Margin Call is not from an inaccurate system or an unsupportive broker. Believe it or not, the source originates from the traders themselves.

Best Trading Platforms for Beginners

Feb 22 2021    

Did you know that your choice of platform can affect your trading performance? If you're a beginner, here are the best trading platforms to start your forex trading with.

200 EMA Trading Strategy, Simple Yet Powerful

Feb 18 2021    

How to use 200 EMA as a simple but powerful strategy? Despite its common setups, there are good trading opportunities to find if you can utilize 200 EMA properly.



4 Common Types of Forex Broker Frauds

Jan 12 2021    

Apart from the unavoidable risks in the market, it is also possible to lose money in forex trading because of scam brokers. Find out if your broker is honest or just a fraud by its characteristics.

What Is Overtrading and How to Avoid It?

Dec 16 2020    

Although mistake is inevitable, you can always lessen its probability. To that end, you should know what is overtrading and how to avoid it.

Forex Brokers with Myfxbook Autotrading Service

Dec 14 2020    

Myfxbook provides an easy way to autotrade through your trading platform. Here's a list of forex brokers that gives access to Myfxbook.

Margin Call: What Is It and How Does It Affect My Trading?

Dec 10 2020    

The most common reason behind a trader's downfall is the margin call. Let's go in-depth about what is margin call, how far it can affect trading, and what best ways to avoid it.

Forex Trading in the UK: Basic Guides and the Brokers

Nov 30 2020    

Familiarize yourself with forex trading in the UK, including basic terminologies, guides to enter the market, and the ideal strategies.