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Articles by EXCO

SPX and DJIA Score Lower while NASDAQ Mixed

Jan 13 2023    
US indices are showing different performances today. SPX and DJIA are falling while NASDAQ consolidates.

US Indices Dwindle ahead of CPI Reports

Jan 12 2023    
After a good bullish session yesterday, all three US indices are heading down slowly. If the bear keeps pushing, prices will slump below Pivot.

SPX and NASDAQ Looking to Fall toward S1

Jan 11 2023    
Right now, the bear is pushing SPX and NASDAQ to S1. On the other hand, Dow Jones Industrial Average is traded in a tight range.

SPX and NASDAQ on Tight Range, DJIA Dips

Jan 10 2023    
US indices are showing different performances today. Both SPX and NASDAQ are mixed with low volatility, while DJIA decline. What will happen next?

Indices Mixed after Last Week's Bullish Strike

Jan 9 2023    
SPX, NASDAQ, and DJIA are traded carefully. If the bull return, US Indices will reach 3940, 11,180, and 33,900 respectively.

Indices Mixed, Eyes on NFP Release

Jan 6 2023    
US indices are traded carefully as markets await December's NFP reports. If bulls take control over the market, prices will climb above Pivot Point.

Indices Slips ahead of ADP Jobs Report

Jan 5 2023    
All three US Indices are on a downward slope today. If buyers don't generate support soon, SPX and NASDAQ will reach S1, while DJIA sink to 33,200.

Indices Arise ahead of FOMC Minutes Publication

Jan 4 2023    
US indices recover as markets await the FOMC minutes release. If bulls remain strong, SPX, NASDAQ, and DJIA will reach 3880, 11,100, and 33,500 respectively.

Indices Slump below EMA 200 on Year End

Dec 30 2022    
All three US indices are retreating as 2022 comes to an end. If this continues, SPX, NASDAQ, and DJIA will drop to 3840, 10,900, and 33,100 respectively.

Dow Sideways while SPX and NASDAQ Recover

Dec 29 2022    
SPX and NASDAQ are trying to climb up today. If buyers continue to show enough support, both indices will reach pivot and 10,900 respectively.