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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Account Number: (XX08FXPNXXP9363410xxx)
Nov 22 2021

I grew my account from 19usd to 80usd and tried to withdraw the 80usd via an Atm card, but FXOpen refused to pay me even after deducting the money from my main wallet. It's been past the so-called "5 business days" they said I should wait for, not to talk of the rigorous "verification" process they put me through when I tried withdrawing via the same Atm card I used in making deposits numerous times. They always deducted the money almost instantly whenever I made a deposit, but when it came to making withdrawals, they put a chain on my neck. I have forfeited the money knowing full well that the name "FXOpen" will always ring "SCAM" in my ears. The funny thing is that most of the reviews on this site are by their employees. That's how low they stoop.

Account Number: (1002xxx)
Jul 26 2021

This is a scam. Liars do not withdraw deposits.

Jun 20 2021

Money doesn't really go to TRIUMPHFX, it's the local company to make the deposit and withdrawal, whereas you check big brokers with PAMM systems like etoro and hotforex, ic markets, they actually made it themselves. secondly, IB introducing that marketing plan, please... let me know why big brokers do market their product this way if it is legit. we have seen so much marketing plan, money game plan that "pull' people. 

Jun 8 2021

TriumphFX is a scam a long time ago. Google it you will see so much proof from other investors and WIKIFX

Account Number: (100xxx)
May 25 2021

Suddenly, just after the withdrawal request, this broker reversed all trading profits for the past months. No arbitrage or price manipulation, just scalping

Arun Nath
May 23 2021

Plz, guys don't download this app, I had lost 3 lakhs rupees in this app. Plz don't blindly follow their instructions .....

Truong Duc Sang
May 10 2021

I got scammed by a broker but they get a high star rate on your site. Please help us to rate them down, The broker name's JustForex. I Can provide as much info to prove that this broker's pure scam


United States
Lia Mirsa
Apr 20 2021

Using this opportunity, I would love to appreciate fightingscams AT aol DT com for assisting me when I lost all my funds to this broker. I am glad I reached out to them early.

Apr 17 2021

Global Prime notified me less than 48 hours before the ASIC Product Intervention Order took effect (which significantly reduced retail traders leverage), resulting in me losing nearly $15,000 in my account.

ASIC announced the change 5 months ago. but I was told about it on Thursday afternoon. They said I could either deposit $100,000 to cover the leverage reduction that would take place in the next couple of days, or my account would easily go into margin call and pretty much all my open trades would be closed.

Gary Saintil
Apr 11 2021