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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Rashed Day
Jan 1 2023
Excellent experience

Their spread is awesome, they got an excellent trading platform and of course, you can link your account to your MT4 or MT5 apps. Moreover, the trading terminal of the Exness app is just so sweet and user-friendly. Exness also has different account types for different people. Significantly, they've got an account type called standard cent for newbies(if you are just going into Forex). It is very comfortable and they have an awesome withdrawal and depositions system (min and max withdrawal/deposit).

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Eloisa Snead
Aug 10 2023

I hopped into the trading scene a couple of years back and started using Exness on the recommendation of a well-known guru. Gotta say, it's been smooth sailing – trading is a breeze with their setup. There are a few areas I think could use a touch-up, but the most important one is this: follow your users' lead. If you make it easier for folks to use your platform, we can all grow together at lightning speed.

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Justa Draper
Aug 3 2023

Absolutely thrilled with my inaugural experience! To my amazement, deposits and withdrawals were processed within a matter of minutes - a level of speed I've never encountered elsewhere. Utilizing Binance pay and USDT (TRC20), the trading conditions proved favorable. Even when comparing the same strategy across various brokers, Exness delivered the most impressive outcomes. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Exness - a 100% recommendation from my end!

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Shaunta Sepulveda
Jul 20 2023
Dope platform

Exness is dope for trading, man. The trading system is hella easy to navigate – no need for all that complicated stuff to place your orders. And the app's design is on another level, standing out big time from other trading platforms.

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United Kingdom
Xuan Leone
Jun 10 2023
Mina Hales

Up until now, my experience with this broker has been nothing short of excellent. The spreads are impressively low, even during periods of volatile news events. This marks my initial venture into a broker beyond Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges, and I must admit, it's been delightful. The user interface is truly superb, and there's a diverse array of payment methods at one's disposal. If only I could assign a perfect score of 100/100!

Looking ahead, my hope is that this broker maintains its current standards and ethos, while constantly striving for enhancement.

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David Valdez
May 18 2023
I have some suggestion

I would like to suggest two significant changes for the Exness terminal. Firstly, I would appreciate the ability to modify an order's lot size and price simultaneously. Currently, if I wish to adjust the lot size of a pending order at the same price, I have to the previous order and place a new one with Stop Loss (SL) or Take Profit (TP) levels, which consumes additional time. It would be more convenient if the terminal offered an option to modify the lot size of a pending order without the need to the previous order.

Secondly, I would like to see improvements in the chart's vertical movement. For instance, if the price of a particular asset reaches a new high or low that surpasses the upper or lower side of my pending order, it becomes difficult to observe this on the chart. This limitation hinders accurate trading decisions. Therefore, I kindly request the inclusion of options that allow for better visibility and tracking of asset price movements on the chart.

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Charles Miles
May 13 2023
Thank you for being responsible

I belong to the traders affected by the significant spike on April 2019 in currency pairs such as EURCAD, EURNZD, EURJPY, EURAUD, and USDJPY. Unfortunately, this event resulted in a complete loss of my trading account. However, to my surprise, Exness swiftly reimbursed all the funds back into my account within 24 hours. This act of promptness and reliability from Exness has restored my trust in them. As I consider using Exness VPN, I hold the hope that my trust in Exness will not be betrayed once again.

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Stanley Young
May 11 2023
Satisfying leverage

Since being introduced to Exness in 2019, I have had a fantastic trading experience with them. I particularly appreciate their flexible leverage range, which has allowed me to create three separate accounts with them in USD, GBP, and KWD.

Each account has a different leverage setting tailored to my specific trading preferences, and I have found this customization highly beneficial. Additionally, Exness excels in its quick credit card withdrawal process, which has consistently met my expectations. Overall, my experience with Exness has been excellent, and I am satisfied with their services.

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April Washington
Apr 8 2023
Abundant Instument to choose from

My first reaction about this broker is that they have many instruments to choose from, which is amazing, especially because I tend to diversify my portfolio. But, the problem is that they can be a bit expensive in some cases. It's such a shame, but so far it is not 'that' expensive. I mean it's actually pretty standard to charge that much especially in terms of spread.

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Tina Rodriguez
Apr 4 2023
Good but can be slow

I love their platform although it can be a bit laggy sometimes. But, its a really good server all round from its withdrawal/deposit system to the time taken to execute trades to spreads. But, I recently found that this can vary depending on the type of account you choose and the market conditions.

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