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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Rashed Day
Jan 1 2023

Their spread is awesome, they got an excellent trading platform and of course, you can link your account to your MT4 or MT5 apps. Moreover, the trading terminal of the Exness app is just so sweet and user-friendly. Exness also has different account types for different people. Significantly, they've got an account type called standard cent for newbies(if you are just going into Forex). It is very comfortable and they have an awesome withdrawal and depositions system (min and max withdrawal/deposit).

Palmer Vickery
Jan 12 2023

I have been using Exness for quite a long time, and I must say I am amazed at how good they keep their quality. Deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and their mt5 terminal too. it's all good so far. I wouldn't pretend that they are the 'perfect' broker tho, after all, there are several issues that I notice. But, the only issue that really bothers me is that I keep having an interruption in the connectivity. But this is maybe have something to do with internet connections as well.

Tammi Emery
Jan 12 2023

Thank you so much for taking care of my problems quickly. I was actually surprised at how quick they handled things. Thanks to the quick reaction from customer service, I managed to log in to my account again in no time. I do hope there aren't any problems like this in the future.

Jade Fallon
Jan 9 2023

Overall, this is actually a very good broker. I have been trading with them for quite a while, three years to be exact. But, during that time, I was only focusing on forex trading, and I haven't actually tried trading other instruments. I recently added cryptocurrency to my portfolio, but I was surprised to find how bad the situation was. In my opinion, they should behave like proper and professional brokers. I tried to withdraw my funds via crypto, and I was told by customer services that it would take 72 hours to get them. I mean, it's crypto. The price can change at any second. This is not what a professional broker would do.

Lindsay Zimmer
Jan 7 2023

I love Exness because of its amazing payment services. They sure have plenty of good options to withdraw and deposited some funds. I must also note that they have a pretty affordable cost as well. I highly recommended this broker because of its quality in handling everything. 10/10 indeed.

United States
Tyson Landrum
Jan 1 2023

Seriously, one of the worst customer service I have ever had in my whole entire trading career. I am using a demo account and contacting with the support team. But they tell me that my account isn't valid. That is impossible since I am sure that the account is verified. I ask them for further information but they were really unhelpfully. Imagine if this happens to a live account with REAL money.

South Africa
Dec 26 2022

This has been my favorite broker since 2020, when I started my trading career, win or lose, I trade with Exness full-time. I hope this broker lasts another 20 years to come. One of the reasons that kept me with this broker is its trading center feature which helps me analyze the market with Trading Central's technical analysis strategies, forecasts, comments, and key levels. The account in this broker makes me comfortable because there are 9 choices of accounts that I can use in trading. And yes, every account provides free swap, that's the most important. And commission free on some accounts.

Dec 26 2022

And yes, the fact that the spreads are very high on the standard and pro accounts at this broker, although on other accounts the spreads are pretty low. Why is there such a big gap in the spread of each account? instead of having to be balanced or at least close together. However, on the positive side, there is a free exchange on some financial instruments, for example on cryptocurrency (my favorite instrument). And VPS can also be used 24/7, so I feel safe considering the risk of trading, especially cryptocurrencies, is quite high.

United States
Dec 26 2022

This is the first time I feel safe and comfortable trading at a forex broker. This company really provides a large ion of accounts on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. I've only been at this broker for 2 months, and the comfort with the VPS hosting features really amazed me. I once experienced internet connection problems when carrying out trading activities, and it turned out that my trading was running smoothly, thanks to this VPS hosting feature. Thanks for the advanced features.....

Dec 26 2022

Well, I admit overall, this broker is pretty great. However, I feel unsuited to trading crypto in this company. Why does this company provide multiple accounts for crypto, but the spreads that it offers are very high and it annoyed me. Why should it be like that? Even though there is no commission, isn't it more convenient that the spread is competitive with other brokers?