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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Santo Carelli
Sep 9 2023

When I say the broker is active, I mean it in so many different ways... First, the customer support team is one of the most responsive I have seen before. Their response time, on average, should be in seconds. Thats crazy. Active, also in the sense that their platforms do not face downtimes, in my experience. They are always ready to go when I need them. And finally, I mean active in monitoring client accounts. Any irregular activity on an account, the broker reacts quickly, and it is all the time. ActivTrades is more than competent, and they always show up.

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Slovak Republic
Sep 5 2023

The reliability of FxPro is unparalleled. I've never experienced any downtime or glitches while trading, which is essential for my intraday strategies. Quick withdrawals and excellent customer support are added bonuses.

United Kingdom
Liam Green
Account Number: (20885xxx)
Aug 3 2023

I can't stress enough how trustworthy and responsive Hankotrade is. Just last week I accidentally deleted my account, and I thought I have lost every thing but thank god Hankotrade's customer service agents were quick to help me. They handled it like pros and got my account back for me without any problems. Honestly I don't think its something that you find with every broker. 


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Jul 31 2023

Throughout my trading journey, HYCM has consistently demonstrated reliability and trustworthiness. I have full confidence in their ability to execute my trades accurately and efficiently, aided by their extensive experience and global reputation.
Their regulatory compliance further reinforces my trust, ensuring that my funds are secure and providing me with peace of mind.
Additionally, the highly responsive and knowledgeable support team is always available to help whenever I require assistance.
Indeed, HYCM has earned my trust as a reliable trading partner.

Jul 29 2023



I am an affiliate. I work with more than 5 different brokers without any problems, BUT Vantage is the worst broker I have ever worked with. I'll explain why. I've been working with Vantage for over a year on a CPA commission system, for the last 2 months I haven't been paid my money, supposedly because the clients withdrew a lot of money this month. My manager wrote to me and suggested a solution: they do not pay me my CPA commission for these two months, BUT they offered to transfer absolutely all clients to an IB account at higher rates and recalculate all clients for June and July at the new IB rates. I asked the manager if ALL clients would be recalculated for me under the new IB system, including old clients. My manager said yes.


We signed an agreement on new conditions and after that my manager started lying to me and talking some kind of garbage. The manager began to say that he did not offer to count ALL clients, that only those clients who did not pay out according to the CPA system. The manager began to come up with all sorts of different excuses and so on, so as not to pay me money. Every day they promise to solve my problem and pay me money, this has been going on for more than a month, but they still do not pay money and do not fulfill their terms of the contract that we signed. The funny thing is that now they just deleted my affiliate account and the money has not been paid, and my manager does not respond to messages. I think that I will never see my honestly earned money. I strongly do not recommend working with this broker. All evidence is attached below.

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Roberto Fabbri
Jul 24 2023

Let me share some of the most significant characteristics for me:
- variety of high-performance trading platforms
- responsive client support team which explains all details
- possibility to algo trade

Generally, there are some more positive sides of this broker but I've just focused on something that really seems to be essential for me.
I can also mention cost-efficient pricing, diversity of account types, full-fledged educational sector and so on. Tbh, the company is acceptable enough to trade with it and receive benefits. That's something many traders seek for.

Ananda Govindasamy
Jul 17 2023

I cant' deny a few basic things,, first of all. I don't necessarily think that. this is a bad broker. It has a great potential to become one of the good brokers, but I struggled at a few steps during my process. Had to wait more than I would like to ask a few question to customer support. Maybe it just was not my lucky day. How was your experience?

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Jul 13 2023

Broker's help center is an irreplaceable tool for me, cuz it contributes to my knowledge base expansion and it perfectly fulfills the task of introducing to the company's services.

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Hong Kong
Hao Hung
Jun 25 2023

dude, this broker is unbelievably good. I used to only trade forex here, but now I started to deal with stocks, and their infrastructure is so great that you can even trade horses one day probably, if they decide to add it. They've been around for so many years, they play nice in terms of compliance with regulations and things like that. Customer support is very capable and helpful, platforms are nice, what else do you want? Definitely check out the raw account. The commission for getting in and around a trade is not that big of a deal, and spreads are tigther than the jeans on the rapper will I am just like the snoop dogg says.

United States
Nick Collins
Account Number: (413353xxx)
Jun 20 2023

I am fairly new to forex trading and Hankotrade has been of great help. The chat representatives on webiste were sweet and helped me open my account and make a deposit. The trading conditions are good. customer support is always available and witdrawals are processed on time. I'd suggest new traders to try hankotrade instead of becoming a victim of scam brokers 

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