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SSzekeres G. Oct 7 2023
It's a perfect broker for those who want to trade shares.

It's a perfect broker for those who want to trade shares.
Naga provides a couple of ways to do it.
The first one is to trade ordinary CFDs which allows traders to go long and short.
And the second is the real one. By real I mean I can buy a real share of the globally renowned company.
It's a decent opportunity to turn your broker into a full-fledged investing establishment.
I have one small complaint though. The broker should put more effort into the education of newcomers. Although it's not its main duty.

United Kingdom
PPaul Oct 3 2023
My characteristic of Xtrade

If I was asked to characterize an Xtrade broker in a couple of words, I would say that it is competent and trusted.

Its competence is in the trading conditions in the first palace. Just look at the quantity and quality of tradable assets.
Forex pairs, stocks, bonds, there is whatever traders want to have for their trading strategies.

And trustworthiness comes from the number of years Xtrade has been providing the brokerage services. I think it's straightforward for all traders.

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GGustave Chevalier Sep 16 2023
Many instruments

The xtrade platform offers a lot of trading instruments and assets to its clients. Whatever it is that you are interested in trading, you can probably find it.

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HHugo Carreiro Sep 9 2023

Broker has advantages and disadvantages. Some people like broker's trading platform while others may find it not ideal.

But Xtrade has a featre that no one will argue with. Broker has a huge choice of financial instruments.
Company provides all types of assets known to me.
- Forex
- Indices
- Stocks
- Commodities
- Cryptocurrencies
- etc.

I can say that have an unlimited choice of assets that I can trade.

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CCosmin Popescu Aug 30 2023
Highly recommend

RoboForex offers a wide array of assets from Forex to Crypto and everything in between. As an experienced trader, this helps me diversify my portfolio effortlessly, all from a single platform.

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SSi Kulawanit Aug 5 2023
Exotica in forex

So my idea is about exotic forex pairs. So you should listen to it carefully. It is very powerful stuff in the powerful hands. It is more volatile than for example pairs with USD or Euro because of the fewer trades. Like audkk, cadmxn, cadsgd. There are fewer traders than in major pairs, even in minors.

A lot of brokers do not give way to trade it but FBS does. And you can get more profits if you are a good trader. I will recommend you to try it. Of course, it would be harder than the regulars because a lot of guys used to trade the regular pairs but you should try. Maybe you will find yourself there. I am pretty much thankful to FBS for doing that great stuff they can do way better but for now, I am satisfied with them.

TThawi Srichure Jul 21 2023
Don't restrict yourself with just a forex pair to trade.

Don't restrict yourself with just a forex pair to trade. The IQ option provides a lot of different asset classes to choose from.

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AAlfredo Dutra Maia Jul 10 2023
I really love this company

I really love this company and it's a pleasure to work with them. Everything works good enough, very smooth and quick. WIthdraws is on time, no problem with funding and it is more than a trusted and reliable broker. Couple of times, when I withdraw a large amount of money, it was done during the day. I could not actually complain about the professionality of company and support.

Also I am good with the amount of trading tools, but I would like to ask, How can I combine that amount of instruments to get some sort of hedging. Like combining forex with shares or with commodities. Maybe someone knows any kind of strategy?

mMaximilian Jun 19 2023 1

Winner winner chicken dinner, folks... If you want to keep your eyes on the prize on global financial markets and become a winner, you need great support and a winner broker behind you. This is the winner broker you are looking for. Best in its class, awarded so many times internationally, champion in market share across so many geographies. And no, this is not the intro for a game of thrones episode, I am just enlisting you what expects you if you start trading with activtrades. You'll get unlimited support from their professional team, a cutting-edge platform and so many assets, tools with advanced technologies that are currently available in the market. If something new and better comes up or gets invented, I'm sure they will be the first one to bring it to their clients.

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KKy Kim May 14 2023
Trustworthy Broker

HYCM is a reliable broker with solid regulations and competitive trading conditions. Still, limited cryptocurrency options may be seen as limiting for some traders. Expanding its crypto offerings and reviewing the depo requirement could further benefit HYCM's reputation.

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