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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Ann Warren
Sep 20 2023
It's concerning me

I requested a $3,000 withdrawal from FP Markets, but it's been 20 days, and the funds haven't landed in my bank account yet. FP Markets claims the transaction went through on their end, but my bank has no record of it whatsoever. Regrettably, FP Markets hasn't been able to resolve this matter and simply keeps referring me back to my bank. My experience with them has been nothing short of frustrating and worrisome. I'd strongly recommend potential investors to approach them with caution.

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Tommie Harris
Sep 20 2023
Impressive cost

I have been working with this broker for the past year, and I must say, the broker's spreads are incredibly low, and slippage is very rare and minimal. I have worked with many brokers, but my experience with this broker has been excellent. From depositing funds to making withdrawals, I haven't encountered any issues.

In particular, the spreads on the raw account are exceptionally low, almost less than a pip for every major currency pair. Withdrawals are processed without problem.

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South Africa
Franklin Casey
Sep 19 2023
Very pleased!

I began using FP Markets three months ago, and I've been extremely pleased with the broker. The spreads on my raw account are impressively low, and the withdrawal process is swift. I consistently receive my withdrawals on the same day when requested on weekdays.

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Rudolph Griffin
Sep 18 2023
Total gem!

"Wow, this brokerage is a total gem! Tight spreads, and guess what? No commissions on certain indices – talk about a win-win, even with those tiny spreads! And don't get me started on the margin – 1:500 for forex and 1:200 for indices CFDs – that's some serious firepower!

But that's not all – their customer service is like having a personal trading buddy, they support algo trading (because who doesn't love a little automation?), and they're seriously committed to handling your hard-earned money with the utmost professionalism and smoothness.

I can't stress this enough – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Freddie Anderson
Sep 15 2023
Problem with withdrawal

Withdrew my cash last week, but it only got moving this week. Seriously, the raw account is a tough nut to crack – can barely get a trade rolling with less than $200. I'm used to being a pro trader with another broker. Wondering if FP Markets has an upgrade option to go pro? I'm going to give the standard account a spin and see if that's any smoother.

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Victor Castro
Sep 13 2023
Good but there is one problem

I've been trading with FP Markets for four months now, and I must say I'm quite satisfied with my experience. The execution of trades has been excellent, and the trading speeds have been fast. I haven't encountered any issues with withdrawing my funds, which is a big plus. I previously traded with IC Markets, but I'm seriously considering sticking with FP Markets because of the positive experience.

The only aspect I've had some difficulty with so far is managing the rebate, but overall, my trading journey with FP Markets has been quite positive.

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Margie Jimenez
Sep 12 2023
Dissapointing results

While I was actively trading with open positions, FP Markets suddenly halted trading for all my accounts. It happened on a day when I had managed to make some profits on the EURAUD and AUDUSD pairs, right after the Australian central bank announced an interest rate increase. It appears that the broker didn't take kindly to my gains and abruptly restricted my trading activities. Consequently, I find myself unable to manage my existing positions, and there is even mention of them possibly voiding my profits.

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Ann Mckinney
Sep 11 2023
Vibing with this broker

I've been vibing with FP Markets for four months now, and it's been a pretty solid experience. The website looks clean and is super easy to navigate. Plus, they've got some top-notch security measures going on, which is a big thumbs up from me.

I appreciate how transparent they are, and those low spreads are a win. Having a live chat option is clutch; it's a must-have in my book. The only thing that's a bit of a vibe-killer is the withdrawal process through the bank or debit card. I'm in the UK, and it takes a whole two days, which feels like an eternity compared to the one-day standard.

Haven't tried withdrawing crypto yet, so maybe that's quicker. I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. Other than that, I'm pretty stoked to keep rolling with this broker.

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Kent Ward
Sep 2 2023
Been here for awhile

I've been a client of FP Markets for nearly a year, and I'm thoroughly pleased with the range of services the broker provides.

The presence of German-speaking customer support, notably Nikos Nouardos, coupled with the user-friendly customer portal, ensures that my experience with FP Markets is both effortless and highly professional.

Furthermore, the trading conditions are truly outstanding, and the process of depositing and withdrawing funds is swift and uncomplicated.

Perhaps most impressively, the broker's diverse range of products is nothing short of exceptional.

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Darrel Curtis
Sep 1 2023
Good but I hope they have lower commission

You know, I'm pretty happy with the trading platform here. The folks on the sales and support team are awesome - super helpful and quick to sort out any questions I throw at them.

But hey, as I'm trading more often and with larger amounts, it'd be nice if they could cut me some slack on those commissions. Some clear targets or numbers to aim for in that department would be sweet.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with the whole deal, so much so that I even got my wife an account on FP's platform. If any of my buddies or work pals ask, I'd totally recommend FP Markets as the go-to broker. They've been treating me right.

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