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United States
Cecila Hannon
Aug 30 2022

Hai, I am fairly new in forex trading, so I don't really understand some basic knowledge about it. Here are some questions I have about FP Markets.

1. Why do FP Markets have two different types of pricing?

2. What is the difference between ECN and DMA pricing?

3. As a new trader, which one would bring me more benefits?

Thank you for answering my questions.

South Africa
Chanda Pitts
Aug 30 2022

I know that FP Markets allows copy trading on their platforms but I just realize that they are also equipped with social trading as well. However, I do not understand the differences between social trading and copy trading in FP Markets. From what I saw, both allow the trader to copy a strategy. Are there any other differences I should know about? How do I apply to one?

Jayna Champion
Aug 30 2022

From what I read on their official website, I understand that FP Markets offers metal trading. However, this option is not only limited to MetaTrader but is also available in the Iress platforms. I want to know what is the difference between Iress platforms and MetaTrader. What I'm most interested in are leverage differences and spreads differences. So, if there is any difference between these two I would like to know.

Marybelle Triplett
Aug 30 2022

Some of my friends have been recommending FP Markets to me. They believe that FP Markets has one of the best conditions for indices trading. However, I want to know what kind of indices FP Markets grants me access to. Because I do not only trade US indices like most of my friends. So, I want to know if FP Markets have a wide variety of other indices.

Anika Gonsalves
Aug 30 2022

Do FP Markets offer any type of affiliate programs or anything similar? If yes then what kind of program do they offer? I always think that an affiliate program is a considerably good way to gain passive income from trading (other than the trading itself). However, I understand that not all broker comes with an affiliate program.

Hallie Coyne
Jun 23 2022

I need some information about this broker since I am too nervous to talk to their customer service (plus it took an eternity to wait for their answer).

I am currently considering FP Markets for commodity trading but there are several considerations I must address. First of all, I wonder how much leverage can I get to trade this particular product.

FYI, I am particularly interested in energy and metals, so I hope they have it. Although I understand that those two are quite popular products.

Loyce Aranda
Jun 23 2022

Sorry, but I have to give an honest review of this broker.

After using them for around 6-7 months, I finally conclude. Actually, this broker isn't really bad. But, I keep experiencing a huge lag on quotes which I experienced on my end. While this doesn't appear that often, this has caused me to lose some of my important trades. So I was pretty disappointed. They tell me that the lag happened because I was running two other live accounts from different brokers simultaneously. But isn't this what a lot of people did? Shouldn't they prepare for this?

Jayson Beaudoin
Jun 23 2022

Do FP Markets provide a copy trading service? If yes do they allow clients to apply as a provider as well? If yes then it will be amazing. I am a trader with adequate experience in the market and I am looking for a way to get more profit besides trading. How much does FP Markets give the provider for their copy trading service?

Lewis Fulton
Jun 23 2022

I have several questions regarding account funding in FP Markets:

1. Do you offer deposits and withdrawals through bank transfers?

2. What currencies do you accept for deposits and withdrawals from bank transfers?

3. If I transfer my deposit through a bank transfer, how long do I have to wait until the money arrives in my account?

4. Do you accept deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin?

Kaycee Roden
Jun 23 2022

When I checked on the FP Market's official websites, I saw that they offer ECN pricing and DMA pricing. As a new trader, I don't understand what are the differences between the two. Especially how they affected my prices or spreads. I also want to know which type of pricing applies to which trading account. As a side note, I am just barely started trading forex.