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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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South Africa
Riaan Zondi
Mar 2 2023

I did not know why they were calling themselves the World Leader in Online Trading, but I definitely knew that this broker had some skills to brag about.

So I decided to register and see.

What I saw was, there is a sufficient amount of choice for everything. You literally have so many choices in terms of the assets you are able to trade and follow, platforms, accounts, additional tools you can pick, great educational resources.

On top of that, you would be surprised how fast your trades happen. Their speed and technology behind the execution are really the key behind their leadership, I think.

South Africa
James Bailey
Jan 12 2023

So many features When I visit HFM website, my eyes diverge from the myriads of different tools and instruments. It's like the broker decided to provide to its traders everything that is available on the market at the moment. So sometimes it is hard to figure everything out.

South Africa
Kivon Hunt
Dec 2 2022

Multiple Regulation These guys have been obsessed with regulation way more than I do, and I tend to be very picky in those terms. Not surprisingly, they are one of the most trusted brokers out there. The thing I really love about the platform is they offer physical shares and you can buy them fractionally.

South Africa
Nov 25 2022

Versatility. I have my eyes run away from such a variety of features that HFM broker provides to traders. All types of trading accounts, trading platforms, additional tools for trading and so on and so forth.

Ambert Mable
May 19 2022

Amazing services are provided by them as per the latest trends. 

Dec 23 2022

I have been trading with this broker for a long time and have never had a problem until now. I can say that they are indeed regulated by the FCA and not fake claims. For withdrawals, I always don't have a problem! From HotForex I am withdrawing money to my Skrill account. This will take 2 days to process my money. There is no problem at all except the ID card or some bank account information is incorrect or has been updated. But don't worry; if there is an ID or something wrong with your documents, it will be processed as soon as you correct the information.

Dec 23 2022

Brokers are very not recommended! Okay, here's my problem. So I opened a new account with HFM, had a minimum deposit of about $100, so I deposited $110. But then I realized that they don't offer much leverage or copy trading due to my country's regulations. So I asked for a refund and he wrote that I have to wait 10 days. It's been 16 days but my money hasn't come to me yet!

Dec 23 2022

They offer many trading tools, but I really like the Autochartist tool! Their Autochartist can provide excellent and accurate trading signals! They also have a wide range of tradable instruments. Speed of the trading? I can order fast without it! By the way, I use a micro account and recommend it to all new traders. If you use MT4, conditional trading and spread in HFM are also competitive.

Dec 23 2022

This is surely a top broker offering some great tools in the market to its client. Even more mind-blowing, these tools are available free for the broker's client! Some tops we can enjoy include:

1. The user-configurable news and market data

2. Autochartist tool

3 HF analysis

4. One-click trading for scalping traders

Dec 23 2022

First, I will start trading on HF Market as I have experience using the Metatrader 4 platform. But surprisingly, I was surprised because the HFM mobile app is very helpful for trading. It is very user-friendly and has a smooth interface. Also, trading there is the same as Dekstop, so you can choose to use either mobile or desktop. This is a great alternative and helpful for me, who doesn't have a PC and is always outside. also, the trading tool always offers the best for traders.