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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

United States
Tyson Landrum
Jan 1 2023

Seriously, one of the worst customer service I have ever had in my whole entire trading career. I am using a demo account and contacting with the support team. But they tell me that my account isn't valid. That is impossible since I am sure that the account is verified. I ask them for further information but they were really unhelpfully. Imagine if this happens to a live account with REAL money.

Dec 24 2022

I have been using the Pepperstone demo account for three months and am very happy to have the opportunity to trade live. However, I found a problem that I can't solve. Whenever I upload a document to its website, I always get an error. So I contacted customer service and to my surprise, they responded very quickly and resolved the issue immediately! They also explained why the document upload was failing. I am really amazed! Pepperstone's customer service is really great! Really great choice to trade with!

Man Mcgill
Nov 29 2022

Overall, my experience trading with their live account is amazing. It's smooth and the spreads don't go as big as I thought they would. So, I can say that I had a pretty good deal trading with them. However, my experience with the demo account is pretty much hell. There are so many errors that I can't event count anymore. This is very unfortunate considering a lot of people use a demo account to practice and to backtest their strategy, I am included. So, I hope they can take care of their demo account soon.

Kennith Trammell
Sep 20 2022

I had a smooth trading experience with Admirals and it is one of the best things you want in a broker. Quite a sleek experience and the interface is well-laid out in general. Although, I believe there are some things that could be improved. For example, an increased differentiation between demo and live accounts, but those are mainly about the site, not the process of trading. There's a lot of information available and it is very responsible in making sure you know what you're doing 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Arletha Carver
Sep 5 2022

I just checked on the Blueberry Market's official website and I notice that they have plenty of instruments to trade with. In addition to that, they also provide a demo account for us to try. Now, I wonder if the demo account actually allows me to trade cryptocurrency there as well. Because I want to backtest a strategy and I don't want to waste my real money.

United States
Cherryl Kimmel
Aug 31 2022

What kind of demo account is available in FXOpen?

To elaborate, from my knowledge, FXOpen is a multi-asset broker.

There are different financial products available in this broker.

For example, I know that they offer CFD assets. So, I wonder if I can try trading these assets through their demo account.

It would be amazing if I could.

Deonna Wiggins
Aug 19 2022

From what I saw, IC Markets have a demo account and I would love to try it out before committing. But, there is something I need to know. In some brokers, the demo account has some limitations (for example limited trading assets, market order, etc). Is this also the case with the IC Markets demo account? Or do I get free access to all products?

United States
Gwen Collier
Aug 10 2022

I wonder how much virtual funds I can get in the demo account? I am a beginner and I have been thinking of trying out HotForex for a while now. But, I really think I need to train in the demo account for a bit before I actually enter the real markets. That's why I believe that having a demo account with plenty of virtual funds could give me more flexibility to try out some strategies.

Leland Lee
Jun 13 2022

Do IC Markets provide a demo account for each of their trading accounts? I notice they have at least three trading accounts, which are MT4 and MT5 raw spread accounts that offer 0.0 pips spreads. Second is the cTrader raw spread account, which is pretty similar but runs of cTrader trading platforms—also the standard accounts, which has 0.6 pips spreads.

Noel Jimenez
Jun 10 2022

Is there is any restrictions on the number of demo account I can make in IC Markets? I am the kind of traders who likes to try the strategies over and over until I make sure I am ready. I also like to back-test a few new strategies to help myself prepare for rainy day. This is almost impossible to do in my old broker since they restrict how many demo account I can make.