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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Lukas L
Jan 29 2023

Great thing about this company are branded add-ons and indicators. I like Smart Order 2, it is very suitable and makes my trading semi-automated in some ways. Some traders even replaced standard indicators with these provided by the company. And I think it is good becuase it saves so much time and nerves.

Diez Vicente
Jan 29 2023

I like the possibility to trade algos here. I don't have a lot of experience, but I am planning to move forward in this way. And the choice between Metatrader and cTrader is good too, because platforms have their peculiarities and can be suitable for different people. I think Expert Advisors will suit me more, because I like Metatrader's interface and already traded via it.

Account Number: (224xxx)
Jan 27 2023

I chose this broker for algorithmic trading. Specially for this, I also opted for their VPS server. I guess that it would be foolish to let robots trade without a VPS server. I can say that as of now I'm satisfied with the execution on the virtual server.

Luka Postma
Jan 7 2023

It's amazing that this broker provides MetaTrader as the main trading platform. It is so important for me because I have a few indicators I would like to use on this platform. By the way, is trading EAs allowed here?

Mike Norman
Dec 5 2022

i have an amount there, in multiple coins, but most of it is BTC ,the wallets are all OFFLINE, and they respond only once, 1 month ago, any idea for help? i emailed them for 2 months. They said they have problems with servers or something like that. I use they services for years. they are simply fraud.  i got back my money with the help of professionals  your swift recovery Service dorcaster  reviewed by a lady online that also got her money . i decided to file a complaint with them also .

Account Number: (704xxx)
Nov 30 2022

This is an ECN Forex broker so i can trade with the Inter Bank markets. My Trading Experience with this Broker is more than 6 YearsI am trading for 6 years and 2 months with this broker.

Linda Robertson
Account Number: (2467895xxx)
Nov 30 2022

This investment company are 100% scam. I invested $750,500 worth bitcoin with the investment company I trusted a girl name Jessica from Hawaii she told me to start with a minimum of $300 then $500 the next. Next thing you know she said my account got suspended and needed to upgrade i sent to the company $2000 & I was thinking that my funds will be In my account within 45 minutes. I haven’t received my return, i released i have been scam by the company, but i was able to get back my fund through help of (James Flex) and his group and also the help of investigation Unity (FBI). Feel free to contact him via email, and he will render you help immediately. I was obligated to recommend him for the good service which he offer to help my issue from by broker. DONT TRUST THIS PLATFORM AT ALL.

Virgie Worthington
Feb 3 2023

So this is more like a question rather than a review. I hope that is okay. I have been interested in TMGM for a while now. But there are some considerations I should think of. It's about the VPS service. I know that TMGM is one of many brokers that offer VPS for their traders. But does it available for free? If yes, are there any conditions I must fulfill? Such as how much trading volume I should take, what instrument I should trade, etc.

South Africa
Dec 26 2022

This has been my favorite broker since 2020, when I started my trading career, win or lose, I trade with Exness full-time. I hope this broker lasts another 20 years to come. One of the reasons that kept me with this broker is its trading center feature which helps me analyze the market with Trading Central's technical analysis strategies, forecasts, comments, and key levels. The account in this broker makes me comfortable because there are 9 choices of accounts that I can use in trading. And yes, every account provides free swap, that's the most important. And commission free on some accounts.

Dec 26 2022

And yes, the fact that the spreads are very high on the standard and pro accounts at this broker, although on other accounts the spreads are pretty low. Why is there such a big gap in the spread of each account? instead of having to be balanced or at least close together. However, on the positive side, there is a free exchange on some financial instruments, for example on cryptocurrency (my favorite instrument). And VPS can also be used 24/7, so I feel safe considering the risk of trading, especially cryptocurrencies, is quite high.