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Demo Account Guide



Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Jan 21 2024

This broker stands out compared to other ones, good account types, good education, good leverage, good asset, all the constituent features are really great here.

no problems at all!

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United States
Account Number: (402963xxx)
Nov 3 2023
Legit Broker

I've been doing this trading thing for about 15 months, hopping around different brokers. Had a few bumps in the road, like spreads going wild and not being able to stash some cash when I wanted. But since I switched to hankotrade, it's been a breeze. The whole trading scene is steady, and the spreads for 500-1 leverage are sweet. Finally found a legit broker that ticks all the boxes for me.

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Samuel G.
Oct 17 2023

The website of the broker is transparent and the company itself feels quite legit and reliable.
I was looking for a place to trade that will provide the maximum funds security for me and AAFX is the one.
The broker has a rich brokerage history on the forex market which is the first thing that counts. It means that the probability of something fraudulent happening is very, very low.

Trading condition-wise, I can tell that I am satisfied by everything I found here. I got high, adjustable leverage up to 1:2000.
Tons of tradalbe instruments, including cryptos and stocks.
And last but not least the renowned MT trading platforms.
I honestly think that these two platforms are still unbeaten when it comes to UX.

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Celio Pinho
Sep 22 2023
Leverage and risk

On the one hand it seems to me that the leverage this broker provides to its clients is too small.
But on the other hand it is something that the safety of the deposit depends on. Less risk means safer trading.

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Ivan Gallardo
Sep 21 2023
Here are interesting features

Doubling the deposit via 100% bonus available for all traders making their first topping ups is essential from the point of increasing the margin volume.

Truly speaking, if you enter the market with quite a large sum, you shouldn't worry about trading with leverages which bring much risks. Due to the doubled sum you can create a money management strategy easily.

Sep 3 2023
Highest leverage.

1:3000 leverage is cold! It gives me so much trading power.

Omar Toma
Jun 9 2023

The multiplier feature is great! It allows me to change "leverage" with every trade.

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Tobias Huber
Apr 23 2023
Raw Ecn is cool

All in all, I'm glad that once decided to join this company. I do know it has some slight downsides, like total balance of account types, but actually Raw ECN contains almost everything I need: narrow spreads, rather high leverage, opportunity to hedge positions. Cool.

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Umaya N.
Feb 20 2023
Very reliable

My favorite broker. I personally think that very few brokers are in the same league as FxPro. As a trader, there are so many advantages to trading with such a reliable company. A few of the things that stand out to me are the multiple trading platforms, the dynamic leverage, the vps for algo trading, and also the magnificent support team.

Swen Wechsler
Feb 6 2023
Need answer about leverage

What's about leverage here? What is the maximum size of additional margin I can apply to each position?

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