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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Robert W.
Jan 5 2023

Good article about one of the major brokers of the forex industry for sure. But there are some inaccuracies. For example, the article says that max leverage is 1:325 for currency pairs, yet in reality, it's 1:500. Which is a massive difference for those who are heavy leverage users in their trading.

Mike Norman
Dec 5 2022

i have an amount there, in multiple coins, but most of it is BTC ,the wallets are all OFFLINE, and they respond only once, 1 month ago, any idea for help? i emailed them for 2 months. They said they have problems with servers or something like that. I use they services for years. they are simply fraud.  i got back my money with the help of professionals  your swift recovery Service dorcaster  reviewed by a lady online that also got her money . i decided to file a complaint with them also .

Account Number: (704xxx)
Nov 30 2022

This is an ECN Forex broker so i can trade with the Inter Bank markets. My Trading Experience with this Broker is more than 6 YearsI am trading for 6 years and 2 months with this broker.

Linda Robertson
Account Number: (2467895xxx)
Nov 30 2022

This investment company are 100% scam. I invested $750,500 worth bitcoin with the investment company I trusted a girl name Jessica from Hawaii she told me to start with a minimum of $300 then $500 the next. Next thing you know she said my account got suspended and needed to upgrade i sent to the company $2000 & I was thinking that my funds will be In my account within 45 minutes. I haven’t received my return, i released i have been scam by the company, but i was able to get back my fund through help of (James Flex) and his group and also the help of investigation Unity (FBI). Feel free to contact him via email, and he will render you help immediately. I was obligated to recommend him for the good service which he offer to help my issue from by broker. DONT TRUST THIS PLATFORM AT ALL.

United Kingdom
Sep 3 2022

EagleFX is a good choice of broker. it allows you to trade both forex and cryptocurrency pairings. I've been using them for a while and have found withdrawals are fast and that you can utilise 1:500 leverage.

United Kingdom
R Singleton
Jul 19 2022

Been using this broker a while now and no issues to report. Cover both forex and crypto which is key for me and decent leverage offered on bot

Tareq Sikder
Account Number: (4753xxx)
Jul 5 2022

I started trading with LonghornFX over a year ago. I mainly gave them a go with a tiny amount to trade crypto 24/7. Their other offered trading features such as same day withdrawal, 1:100 leverage in cryptos and 1:500 leverage in currencies are quite handy for me since I am a day trader. I increased my investment with them later and it is one of my main brokers nowadays. On some occasions, I had to talk to their customer service. They were very helpful as well.

Hubert Reid
Dec 2 2022

I have been quite loyal to TriumphFX ever since I started trading. I think I was with them for about a year. At the time, TriumphFX seemed extraordinary and provided a smooth trading experience. But then I was thinking 'what am I doing? I should spread my wings and try more brokers out there, which becomes one of the biggest mistakes I have. I got scammed and had the worst experience. Now, I return to TriumphFX and decided that I will stay for a while. Overall, they haven't always been perfect. But they provide the best spreads and the best leverage for my trading needs. Sometimes they take a long time to reply to support tickets, and it's not always quick to move profits out through the banking or Crypto wallets. But that is okay, it's not a big deal.

Dec 1 2022

Leverage's maximum TMGM can offer 1:500. for me, these are good deals for those with a minimum deposit of $100 and it can limit your order execution so you can avoid overtrading, which is good. Few brokers offer lower leverage, and why they only can give you little leverage because they are Australia-regulated brokers so this broker can be trusted. Meanwhile, I think if you want to start trading with a small deposit, you need to rethink using this broker as it is not user-friendly. But for me, this lever is very functional and useful!

Dec 1 2022

Not a lot of leverage options at all. This only gives you 1:20 to 1:500 with a minimum deposit of $100 meanwhile the other can deposit $1. I admit that all their market tools are advancing and very modern. But again, because of leverage, I really had no choice, so I decided to stop trading there. It is not friendly for beginners. Meanwhile, other brokers can give me more leverage. Actually, I don't use high leverage, but with a high leverage option, I can make profits more often.