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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

United States
Account Number: (666679xxx)
Oct 12 2023
Program for elite clients

Not so long ago the broker made a program for elite clients. In this program, there is an increased bonus on the balance and withdrawal of money is in an hour. And they pay 60% for referrals. This is extremely tempting offer. There is not much left to save up, and I think to start trading on more favorable conditions.

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Rahul Chetti
Aug 6 2023
Unmatched bonus promotions

The various promotions and bonuses the FXGiants offer are unparalleled in the market. These unique offerings can play a crucial role in increasing the overall trading experience.
I took advantage of the "Bonus Maximaser" promotion and received a full 100% of my deposit,. It felt like I was standing on the shoulders of giants and entering the market with a real boost of confidence!
This offering is beneficial for everyone who wants to increase their profitability potential. I am unsure about the limits on the amounts,, so you need to check for yourself.

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Kuala Lumpur Trader
Mar 28 2023
Claim Bonus

The best trader so far, offering a lot of seasonal promos and Bonus ;)

Best support I ever had from a broker.

Account Number: (203xxx)
Oct 19 2022
They don't have deposit bonus

they offered me a bonus for my deposit 20%, it was athe most important thing for me, however they did not give no deposit bonus.

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Roxanne Bates
Oct 13 2023
Great feature!!

Back in 2020, I gave trading with FINQ a shot. Can't blame them; my losses were on me. We've got to take responsibility for our choices, or there's no room for improvement. Passing the buck won't cut it. They were pretty great when it came to crediting bonuses and processing withdrawals, though.

Seeing a lot of disheartening comments out there, which is why I'm sharing my thoughts. I've been out of the trading loop and haven't been in touch with them since 2021. Let's be real; in an industry where prices swing wildly, it's crucial to own up to our losses and learn from our decisions if we want to get better.

Victor Castro
Sep 13 2023
Good but there is one problem

I've been trading with FP Markets for four months now, and I must say I'm quite satisfied with my experience. The execution of trades has been excellent, and the trading speeds have been fast. I haven't encountered any issues with withdrawing my funds, which is a big plus. I previously traded with IC Markets, but I'm seriously considering sticking with FP Markets because of the positive experience.

The only aspect I've had some difficulty with so far is managing the rebate, but overall, my trading journey with FP Markets has been quite positive.

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South Africa
Troy Barker
Sep 10 2023
Great for copy trading!

Grand Capital offers a variety of account types, but I personally favor the Islamic account. They provide an attractive bonus, and I've had no issues with making withdrawals from accounts with this bonus. I've also dabbled in their copy trading service with an investment account. While the profits might not be mind-blowing, I'm content with the experience.

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Jana Mccormick
May 18 2023
Trading made easy

FirewoodFX offers some pretty cool trading stuff. Signing up is a breeze – you don't have to upload any docs, unless you're after those promo bonuses. If you're trading from Indonesia, the wait time for deposits and withdrawals can be cut down thanks to the local exchange options they've got.

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Evan Malone
Mar 13 2023

Please explain this Tickmill!

Don't you have a WhatsApp group or group discussions daily and weekly to address these issues? The problem is recurring.

You provide a welcome bonus without verifying whether the traders are eligible. Then, when traders make a profit, you abruptly declare them ineligible and present a bunch of pointless terms and conditions, ultimately taking away all the profits from the traders.

If you knew the account was ineligible, why did you offer the welcome bonus in the first place without informing the traders that it's pointless to trade with the welcome bonus if the new account is more than 30 days old? It would have been better if you had suggested using a demo account instead.

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Abdul Seibert
Dec 6 2022
Can I get rebates?

Is it possible to get rebates in IC Markets? I would love to get some. I have tried checking on the official websites, but I seem to have a hard time looking for any information about it. Not only rebates, but I have also been looking for any information regarding bonuses and promotions. But I can't find anything interesting about it or any information at all.

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