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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Account Number: (203xxx)
Oct 19 2022

they offered me a bonus for my deposit 20%, it was athe most important thing for me, however they did not give no deposit bonus.

United States
Hipolito Harkins
Jan 8 2023

Does XM have ongoing promotions or a loyalty program? I know that a lot of people said that it's usually trash but I actually feel like I could make use of it. If yes, then I want to know where can I find any details about it. I don't actually find their websites easy to navigate tbh. I think that good loyalty programs can actually bring some sort of benefits for me.

United States
Reid Geer
Dec 22 2022

I guess this is what you get from a long established broker like XM. The quality is really different compare to any other brokers I have ever tried before. Their customer service is really attentive towards me everytime I have a problem. They also have all kinds of bonuses which I never refused.

Parker Chavarria
Dec 20 2022

I am a new trader and honestly, XM is the first broker I have ever tried. Already, I had a bunch of wonderful experiences with them. They gave me a welcome bonus to test the broker and it was amazing. I made 80$ as a profit from just 30$ welcome bonus without a deposit and I made a withdrawal request using an e-wallet of my choice. They processed it almost instantly and my arrive in my account in no time.

Abdul Seibert
Dec 6 2022

Is it possible to get rebates in IC Markets? I would love to get some. I have tried checking on the official websites, but I seem to have a hard time looking for any information about it. Not only rebates, but I have also been looking for any information regarding bonuses and promotions. But I can't find anything interesting about it or any information at all.

United States
Rory Pedersen
Oct 16 2022

I am always interested in the broker's bonuses and promotions program. Sometimes I can get really lucky by joining these programs. Now, I heard that Xm offers a loyalty program of some sort. I am interested in the details. I have traded with them for about 6 months but I wasn't an active trader in XM. Am I still eligible for the loyalty programs? I know I have to collect some kind of loyalty points but I want to know how do I upgrade my loyalty status and what benefits would I get for it.

Lenard Hamby
Oct 9 2022

I originally joined XM because I heard that this broker offers a deposit bonus. I was looking for a new broker at the time, so I thought 'hey, why not, they seem legit. Now, don't get me wrong, they are legit. They also provide a $30 no-deposit bonus for me. I thought I hit the jackpot. But, when I start generating profits, they suddenly closed my positions, When I asked them why they said that I was violating their terms which I didn't. The customer support doesn't help either and only said that the decision is final. Pfft what an odd bunch.

Tyler Mendoza
Oct 8 2022

I think they are really good for those who are looking for a different way to make money from trading. A good passive income source if you may. I have been using their PAMM management system. So far, I can get a trading profit of 5-7% per month or every 5 weeks. But, I should warn you that this isn't a definite number. Sometimes it could be bad and most of the time it could be worse. But, at least this broker is fair, so all the profits I make are genuine. I think that's all I can say for this broker.

Rochelle Becker
Sep 15 2022

I think it's always exciting to find a broker that offers interesting bonuses. I just received information that HFM or HotForex is now offering a 50% welcome bonus. Now, I have some questions about this bonus.

Is this a deposit bonus?

If yes, then how do I get it?

On the website it is called a Wellcome Bonus, does that means an old trader can't enjoy this bonus?

Charlie Reynolds
Sep 8 2022

Does FBS have partnership programs? I would like to know what kind of partnership programs I can get from this broker. TBH I think a partnership program is a great way to make another passive income from trading without actually racking my brain or spending my time watching over the charts. But, unfortunately, not all brokers have this program.