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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Rahul Chetti
Aug 6 2023

The various promotions and bonuses the FXGiants offer are unparalleled in the market. These unique offerings can play a crucial role in increasing the overall trading experience.
I took advantage of the "Bonus Maximaser" promotion and received a full 100% of my deposit,. It felt like I was standing on the shoulders of giants and entering the market with a real boost of confidence!
This offering is beneficial for everyone who wants to increase their profitability potential. I am unsure about the limits on the amounts,, so you need to check for yourself.

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Kuala Lumpur Trader
Mar 28 2023

The best trader so far, offering a lot of seasonal promos and Bonus ;)

Best support I ever had from a broker.

Account Number: (203xxx)
Oct 19 2022

they offered me a bonus for my deposit 20%, it was athe most important thing for me, however they did not give no deposit bonus.

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Victor Castro
Sep 13 2023

I've been trading with FP Markets for four months now, and I must say I'm quite satisfied with my experience. The execution of trades has been excellent, and the trading speeds have been fast. I haven't encountered any issues with withdrawing my funds, which is a big plus. I previously traded with IC Markets, but I'm seriously considering sticking with FP Markets because of the positive experience.

The only aspect I've had some difficulty with so far is managing the rebate, but overall, my trading journey with FP Markets has been quite positive.

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Evan Malone
Mar 13 2023

Please explain this Tickmill!

Don't you have a WhatsApp group or group discussions daily and weekly to address these issues? The problem is recurring.

You provide a welcome bonus without verifying whether the traders are eligible. Then, when traders make a profit, you abruptly declare them ineligible and present a bunch of pointless terms and conditions, ultimately taking away all the profits from the traders.

If you knew the account was ineligible, why did you offer the welcome bonus in the first place without informing the traders that it's pointless to trade with the welcome bonus if the new account is more than 30 days old? It would have been better if you had suggested using a demo account instead.

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Evelina High
Feb 15 2023

One major flaw within the company lies in its bonus system, which has encountered numerous issues. For instance, the company specified in the competition announcement for the Forex Cup that participants would be rewarded with a certain number of cents for each publication of the competition announcement on other forums. Despite my active participation and relatively lower losses compared to other members, I have noticed discrepancies in the bonus payouts. There was a complaint from a fellow member who was supposed to receive $200, but they only received $50. This complaint remains unresolved on the forum to this day.

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Emanuel Hughes
Jan 18 2023

Exness stands out as an exceptional broker in every aspect. Recently, I was fortunate enough to secure a position in the prestigious 'Tradathlon' grand final forex trading contest held in Dubai. The experience was remarkable, as Exness showered me with many enticing rewards and perks. Their spreads are impressively tight, and they offer annual no deposit bonuses. With a minimum deposit requirement of just $1, they provide an accessible entry point for traders.

Additionally, their real-time streamed contests feature incredible prizes and do not charge deposit fees. What sets Exness apart is their outstanding and personalized customer service, ensuring a delightful trading experience for traders of all levels. I wholeheartedly recommend Exness to anyone seeking a top-notch brokerage.

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United States
Hipolito Harkins
Jan 8 2023

Does XM have ongoing promotions or a loyalty program? I know that a lot of people said that it's usually trash but I actually feel like I could make use of it. If yes, then I want to know where can I find any details about it. I don't actually find their websites easy to navigate tbh. I think that good loyalty programs can actually bring some sort of benefits for me.

United States
Reid Geer
Dec 22 2022

I guess this is what you get from a long established broker like XM. The quality is really different compare to any other brokers I have ever tried before. Their customer service is really attentive towards me everytime I have a problem. They also have all kinds of bonuses which I never refused.

Parker Chavarria
Dec 20 2022

I am a new trader and honestly, XM is the first broker I have ever tried. Already, I had a bunch of wonderful experiences with them. They gave me a welcome bonus to test the broker and it was amazing. I made 80$ as a profit from just 30$ welcome bonus without a deposit and I made a withdrawal request using an e-wallet of my choice. They processed it almost instantly and my arrive in my account in no time.