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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Account Number: (11xxx)
Dec 29 2022

I like Baxia markets because this broker can open many account types and have low-spread accounts. If you want to grow your account, just use account cent only because you can manage your lot and another thing. Baxia markets are the best ❤️

Dec 28 2022

HYCM has nice account conditions. I bet it can suit different types of traders.

Dec 20 2022

When someone asks me which broker opened my trading account, I do not hesitate to name HYCM. Because despite the specifics of this broker, on the whole, it is a reliable company.

Dec 19 2022

Tickmill is undoubtedly the best broker for forex. I have made good money through it. But for the last few months, I have been facing issues with withdrawal. Tried calling customer support many times but didn't get any satisfactory answer. Distressed with the services, I searched for another Forex broker and found InvestFW. The broker was regulated, I quickly created an account and started trading. After using the platform for over 1 month, here's my review - The platform is perfect, leverage is good, spreads are lowest and most importantly, the withdrawals are quick. It took only a few hours for withdrawals to credit to my bank account. Had a Great time with my wife and TRADEEU manager Charlie Kaur, at the capital radio jingle bell ball at the o2 Arena last weekend. A HUGE thanks to TRADEEU who have their own hospitality box there. If you fancy learning to invest, then TRADEEU is the Best.

South Africa
Nov 25 2022

Versatility. I have my eyes run away from such a variety of features that HFM broker provides to traders. All types of trading accounts, trading platforms, additional tools for trading and so on and so forth.

Stelios Pallatos
Account Number: (745222586xxx)
Sep 3 2022

Yes, exactly these trading conditions, as described in this article, I received when opened trading account with HYCM.
After few days of trading, I stopped thinking about them and fully engaged in trading. Though at first glance, trading conditions did not seem to me the best.

Jamie Blair
Jan 2 2023

I can't log in to my account. It's been 2 days, and I still couldn't get a hold of customer service. I have left a message in live chat but waiting for so long no reply as of writing here. They should have employed more live agents on weekends. It's getting really bad, I have an open position.

Glenn Steven
Dec 25 2022

Well, registering for an account at Admiral is quite fast and easy, fully digital again and without the hassle. But yeah, it's a shame why there are fewer CFD instrument commodities than the others. It should be balanced because there are also a lot of people interested in these instruments (including me). But I really salute the team's support, quite professional, and answer technical questions easily. Everyone would like a quick response when there is a problem, this makes me feel safer and feel safe and comfortable in the admiral... Even so, it's a shame that stop-loss orders are not guaranteed at the broker. I'm a little worried...

Young Gon
Dec 20 2022

I have been trading with Triumph FX for about one years and the test flight has been normal. I do not recommend using Standard accounts, as their spreads are higher than average. In addition, when depositing up to $500, you have to pay a commission to banks for each payment. But if you replenish the balance from 500 bucks, then the broker will compensate these costs for you. It is a pity, of course, that the fee charged by the bank for the withdrawal of funds still has to be paid by yourself. It turns out to be expensive, so it would not hurt to add electronic wallets to the available payment systems.

Benny King
Dec 12 2022

I understand that this broker is trying their best to keep the funds safe. But I guess it has become a double-ended sword for their clients as well. For some reason, it is very difficult to register and pass KYC, if you have an apartment in one place, but live in another. I even didn't pass because they ask me for non-understandable documents and statements. I hope they would be able to do something about this.